Picking the Right Pearl Necklace Length

If you’re reading this, you might be intrigued with pearls yet are uncertain what kind of necklace to buy. Here I’ll cover the available different lengths.

The collar is the shortest length. Generally, a pearl collar contains two or more strands (oftentimes three or more) and will sit directly in the midst of the neck. The length ought to be 12 to 13” long. It’s a Victorian style yet it still is a popular option. Pearl collars go well with any style which shows off the shoulders or neck.

Chokers are between 14” to 16” in length and are, depending upon who you speak with, either the most popular or 2nd most popular in length. Necklaces that are of this length ought to sit right above your collarbone. Again, they’ll look fantastic with styles which leave this region exposed – but they’re extremely classic and are going to add a touch of elegance to almost any outfit.

Princess length necklaces are 17 to 19” long and usually tend to be amongst the most popular lengths, and are tied with chokers depending upon where you look. As a pearl choker ought to sit above your collarbone, princess length necklaces ought to sit right on the outside of your collarbone. The length will accentuate dramatic necklines, low or high, and generally is a safe choice if you’re uncertain what you should buy.

Matinee is the next longest length. Such necklaces are around 20” to 24” long and ought to fall directly at the top of your bust area. The length often is selected for formal events yet recently has become a popular style for business attire, and might even work with more casual clothing.

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Opera length necklaces are 26” – 36” long. Its name derives from the truth that women would dress in this length to a night at the opera, an extremely formal event. Even today the opera length is thought to be most suitable for semi-formal or formal wear. But, its long length allows for a bit of variation in style – you might attempt to wear it knotted, for instance, like the 20s flappers did.

The longest and last necklace type includes the pearl rope. A rope technically is anything more than 36” in length, yet generally is utilized to refer to a necklace which is 45” longer or more. They’re reserved for the most formal of occasions – for example, you might witness celebrities dressed in them on the red carpet. The look is elegant and dramatic, although it also may be knotted or doubled, providing it the exact same versatility as the opera. Also, you might consider buying a convertible necklace that might permit you to shorten the necklace or wear a portion of it as a bracelet.

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