South Sea Pearl Necklace – A Prized Possession for Any Woman

Since time immemorial, pearls have fascinated women of all ages and social standings. They are synonymous with love, romance and commitment. Their elegance and class are some of the attributes which make every wearer look stunning and lovable. From a myriad of pearl types, the South Sea pearl has the distinction of being the first round pearl to be cultured successfully. South Sea pearls are also among the most valuable pearls in the world, due to their rarity and beauty.

Found between the Northern and Southern Australian coasts, these pearls are found in an oyster named the “Pinctada maxima”. These have exceptional body color, typically silver-white. Due to its rarity and large size these pearls are expensive. It is a dream of every woman to own a piece of jewelry crafted from these beauties.

The white South Sea pearls today form one of the largest groups of sea gems that are utilized for crafting an array of jewelry. These pearls are available in many colors including white, pink, silver and even golden. The quality of South Sea pearls is excellent due to their thick nacre which gives these pearls high luster.

The radiance from these pearls literally illuminates the wearer’s skin, making them glow softly in its warmth.

A south sea pearl necklace is one of the prized possessions of a woman who appreciates class, elegance and sophistication. These sea gems are famous for their shimmering overtones. No woman can resist a necklace crafted from these pearls. Necklaces made from these pearls can be worn on all occasions, especially weddings and anniversaries.

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The one thing that separates freshwater pearls from others is their irregular shape and cheaper culturing process. Even their colors fluctuate widely making them distinct and unique in their own way. These properties make them ideal for crafting necklaces. Freshwater pearl necklace are easy to design because of the variety of pearls available to the craftsmen.

A necklace made from these pearls is trendy and can be worn with any outfit.

These are a must-have pearl accessory for city girls and women who want to look informal and modern. These are available in many colors such as white, cream, black, peach and lavender.

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