South Sea Pearls – A Woman’s Best Friend

Pearls are nature’s gift to mankind, especially to the fairer sex. Since time immemorial these albumen colored round beauties have mesmerized kings, queens and ordinary folks. Pearls are synonymous with love, beauty and commitment.

This sea gem is formed within the mantle when a foreign object enters the oyster. The irritant is immediately covered with swirls of nacre. This concentric secretion continues for months, eventually developing into a beautiful pearl.

These orphic gems are iridescent, glossy and extremely smooth.

South Sea Pearls are found off the coast of Australia and Indonesia. They are famous for their thick nacre, which gives them great lustrous sheen. The pure waters of allow these sea gems to develop into perfect round beauties. Every south sea pearl has its own unique look, making them stand apart from each other.

They are available in a wide range of sizes; between 10mm and 20 mm, with amazing refraction properties. They are typically white in color with slight cream overtone.

Found around the lagoons of French Polynesia in the south sea, Tahitian pearls are famous for dark colors like black, peacock green and golden. They are extracted from the black lipped Pinctada Margarifera oyster.

Tahitian sea gems range in size from 8mm to 16mm. They are found in four basic shapes: round, semi-baroque, baroque and circled. Their large size makes them versatile; allowing them to be used with other precious stones.

Akoya pearls are classic white pearls with pink or cream overtones which make them the most cherished possessions. Akoya peals have the highest lustre and are available from 5mm to 11mm size. They are the symbols of elegance and style. These pearls are cultured in the Pinctada Fucata Martensii oyster found off the coasts of Japan and China.

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Their consistent round shape makes them a favourite candidate for bracelets and necklaces.

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