Do You Have A Chipped Pearl On Your Necklace? Get It Fixed Easily

Like many other women, you probably have a pearl necklace locked up in your jewelry box or drawer. Very possibly, the reason you stopped wearing your favorite necklace is because of chipped, cracked or loose pearls. This problem signifies the end of your affection to your necklace. Fortunately, contrary to what many people believe, you can usually repair the necklace.

Added value

A good necklace will lose its aesthetic appeal simply because a pearl has been chipped or cracked. Nonetheless, by opting to replace the pearl, you will improve the necklace, extending its useful life. In fact, quality repairs and a thorough cleaning after the repair will make the necklace better that it was before.

Save on new necklaces

Genuine and quality pearl necklaces can be quite pricey. Therefore, it becomes difficult to justify buying an entirely new expensive necklace when just one tiny part of your original – perhaps inherited or gifted – necklace isn’t cooperating. Fortunately, by simply replacing the faulty pearl you will not only make it more elegant but also save money.

Pearls are one of the most elegant gems. However, when a piece cracks or chips, it can be rather hard to repair it. Glues don’t work, though not for want of trying throughout the years. The only effective way to fix a faulty pearl is to remove the bad gemstone and replace it with a good one. You may get some loose pearls from an old necklace, bracelet, or anklet that you don’t want to repurpose, but often it is easier and safer to simply purchase one or more loose stones to round out a necklace. This can also be a great way to repurpose an older single color necklace into a multicolored strand if you have a number of chipped pearls that need replacing.

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