The journey from sea to string is one of the most interesting of all jewelry creations. And while the final creation is simple to admire, the necklace itself becomes all the more beautiful when you consider the work invested into making it what it has become.

Once pearls are harvested and judged for their size and quality, then becomes the difficult task of comparing pearls for use in necklaces. Pearls are, of course, from nature and therefore no “perfect” pearl will ever exist.  But pearls which are as round and comparable as possible are sorted and chosen for inclusion in necklaces.

Once the pearls are chosen, a hole is bore through the pearl so that it may be strung. Note that the holes must be perfectly symmetrical through the pearl or it will not lie correctly on the string. In addition, care must be taken so as to prevent the pearl from chipping or otherwise becoming damaged during the hole-boring process.  Once the bore process is complete, the stringing process can begin.

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Pearls are strung on silk thread, used for its beauty and strength. In between each pearl, small knots are inserted.  This is done for multiple reasons.  First, the knots separate the pearls from one another, so as not to have the pearls damaged by collisions between them. Second, the individual knots ensure that if you lose one pearl from the strand due to the string breaking, you will not lose them all. Finally, the knots allow the necklace additional flexibility, meaning it will lie more loosely and comfortably around the neck.

Finally, a clasp is used at the end of the strand for ease of closure.  Please consider the work and care that went into your strands when you care for your necklace yourself, which will help to ensure that your necklace lasts for years to come.

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