Fashion Trends: The Revival of the Magnificent Timeless Pearl

Pearls on the Catwalk

It’s official. Pearls have gone through some major transformations in the fashion industry. Recently, Vogue announced to the world that the timeless pearl has made a return with some modern twists for the fashionista in you. Don’t believe us? Then, check out all the pearls donning international catwalks these days.

Pearls on the Catwalk
Pearls on the Catwalk. Image Source: Debenhams

You’ll find stylish models gliding down runways sporting pearl hair pieces, anklets, earrings, pendants… even traditional strands of pearls. But, there’s nothing really traditional about the latest pearl adorned jewelry, clothing and accessories. These timeless gems are stealing runway spotlights in some of the hottest new styles you can imagine.

“Long gone are the days of traditional twinsets and pearls. Today, pearls can be modern, youthful and cool.” Roselee Modica

How Pearl Jewelry Designers Are Changing the Look of the Timeless Pearl

Linneys is a Perth-based South Sea pearl jeweler. According to its creative director, Justin Linney, the 2018 trend for pearl jewelry designs will be all about being ‘modern and minimalistic.’ Many pearl lovers will opt for smaller pearls set in modern, simple white and yellow gold metals.

These days, many women want to look amazing, while still being comfortable. That’s one reason why the effortless style is trending right now. Layering pearl jewelry is one way to achieve this look. You can layer pearl necklaces, bracelets, pendants and rings to create unique looks that steal the spotlight. Such looks take you over the top, without all the high maintenance.

The Timeless Pearl: Chanel runway model wearing layers and layers of pearl necklaces.
The Timeless Pearl: Chanel runway model wearing layers and layers of pearl necklaces.

Firucci’s director, Gretchen Wainscott, says 2018 will be all about pearls mixed with metals. According to the director of the family owned jewelry store, this will help you create a much trendier, modern style this year.

And, geometric motifs are still in style, especially when they feature the timeless pearl. Squares, circles and other awesome shapes bring excitement to your style. Pearl stud earrings and classic gold and pearl hook earrings will continue to steal the fashion scene. And, after a few years of dealing with the rose gold trend, you’ll be happy to know that yellow gold is making a comeback!

Recently, Roselee Modica launched her own creations featuring the timeless pearl. Its primary focus is on South Sea baroque pearls under the brand name Jan Logan. The collection of pearl rings, pendants, chokers and earrings comes with precious pearl gemstones in some amazing colors. According to the Modica:

“Trends come and go but I think pearls have this allure of being timeless.

She hopes to bring awareness to the new and creative ways pearls are being used by designers to make fine jewelry. These gems are 100% timeless, making them just as relevant to today’s fashion as when they were your grandmother’s pearls.

Even Gucci has jumped on the timeless pearl bandwagon. Its accessory collection has been quite a rave in the fashion world with its pearl-embellished shoes, trainers and handbags. The Gucci brand hops this will make the gemstones trendier to all age groups while becoming everyday wear.

Choices in Pearl Jewelry Customizations

Personalizing pearl jewelry is a trend that’s been standing strong for a couple of years now. And, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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Many consumers these days want to stand out from the crowd. Not everyone wants jewelry that looks just like everyone else’s. So, they turn to personalized jewelry to ensure they pieces are exactly what they want.

With pearl jewelry personalization, you create your own treasured jewels by choosing your own timeless pearl, metals and other gemstones to create a piece that’s 100% unique and just for you. Some people opt for higher quality metals, such as platinum, while others take it even further with customized engravings for their pieces.

Have an idea for a stylish piece of pearl jewelry? Don’t waste time hunting around the mass-market or searching for limited edition items. Why not simply share your exciting design with your local pearl jeweler, and have it created from scratch?

Let’s face it. The Pearl Renaissance is here to stay. But, no one wants to look like their grandmother. So, take some time to shop for unique pearl jewelry design options that are modern and stylish. Or, simply have your local pearl jeweler create a new, unique design just for you.

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