Top 50 Bloggers to Follow for Office Outfits Inspiration

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Looking the part at work is hard work – pun intended. But these next bloggers know exactly what it takes. We’ve searched the web at large to bring you the 50 Best Bloggers to Follow for Office Outfits Inspiration.

Whether you are looking forward to boosting your workwear fashion mojo or on the lookout for practical advice on how to wear that new office-ready blazer or that new chic pearl necklace, these stylish bloggers can help. Plus, the best part: they come with a wide range of jobs (or interests), body types and styles, from the colorful & bold to the timelessly classic.

From dressing for creative jobs to poised corporate looks ready for the boardroom, our list has it all. Read on and discover our top 50 best workwear fashion bloggers.

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Cupcakes and Cashmere - Office Outfits
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Emily Schuman launched her blog all the way back in 2008. But her online platform is ‘more than a blog’, as it celebrates the ‘little pleasures in life, through fashion, travel, food, beauty and interior design’. With a clothing line under her list of accomplishments, as well as two books, Emily documents her SoCal style choices – regardless if she’s working from home, hitting the office or the farmer’s market.

What You’ll Find: Everything from decor and DIYs to fashion, food and beauty tips – including tying the knot in style.

Our Favorites: In-depth try-out hauls like Emily’s hunt for the perfect white t-shirt that make decision making when shopping for fashion so much easier.

The Sartorialist

The Satorialist - Office Outfits
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Scott Schuman is the blogger and photographer behind The Sartorialist. Launched in 2005, The Sartorialist was founded ‘with the idea of creating a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life’. From smartly dressed attendees at Fashion Week to daily street style provided by pedestrians of New York, The Sartorialist is a muse-like destination for all things style.

What You’ll Find: Gorgeous photography without commentary and a vibrant evocation of what style is in its multitude of forms.

Our Favorites: Easy to navigate and find what you’re after thanks to the tags used on each photo.

Atlantic Pacific

Atlantic Pacific - Office Outfits
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Blair Eadie is the owner of Atlantic Pacific, a style-focused blog that’s been running since 2010. With lots of major collaborations under her belt (including Ralph Lauren, Zara, and J. Crew), Blair is a powerhouse when it comes to fashion, from the formal kind to the casual-chic. ‘I love all things feminine – think timeless meets classic with a hint of quirk. While many things have changed over the years, some remain pretty consistent. You’ll rarely find me without my shades, a splash of color, and lots of layers’, says Blair. 

What You’ll Find: Dedicated entirely to fashion, Atlantic Pacific is all about outfit posts and style tips throughout.

Our Favorites: Endless style inspo in a plethora of colors and prints, with lots of volume and statement earrings mixed in. A master at mix and matching and creating cohesive, yet unexpected looks, Blair’s style is perpetually vibrant and expressive. 

9 to 5 Chic

9 to 5 - Office Outfits
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Anh, who describes herself as ‘Goal-oriented, career-driven, fashion-minded is a pro at creating timelessly elegant office outfits without an expiration date. Going beyond trends and embracing classic staples, as well as classic colors to the fullest, Anh’s wardrobe is flawlessly curated, Moreover, it’s so versatile that it can work in the widest range of offices. Anh’s love for neutrals and classic cuts with a modern twist aligns perfectly with her job in marketing consulting.

What You’ll Find: Spring and Summer outfits, work outfits, as well as maternity style inspo.

Our Favorites: Her monochrome looks, paired with statement accessories like white pearl bracelets and leopard print shades – like this ultra-chic look.

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The perfect way to complete your office outfits is with the right kind of jewelry – discreet, yet chic. Classic Freshwater Pearls tick all the boxes and instantly elevate your look, whether you opt for lustrous white gems of the sea or pink pearls.

Girl with Curves

Girl with Curves - Office Outfits
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Tanesha Awasthi is the woman behind Girl with Curves, ‘an award-winning blog made possible by people who believe women deserve to look and feel beautiful, regardless of weight, shape, or size.’ Aiming to empower women through fashion, the blog is all about building confidence through the power of the right outfit.

What You’ll Find: Everything from style tips to current trends, as well as beauty advice, parenting, and wellness, plus a great collection of chic office outfits you can wear anywhere from work to brunch and beyond.

Our Favorites: Tanesha’s undying love for polka dots and her ability to mix prints while still looking classy-chic.

Permanent Style

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Simon Crompton is not only an impressively smart dresser but also the frontman of Permanent Style, a platform dedicated to classic luxury menswear. With a background in journalism, banking, and finance, the London-based blogger writes for ‘men looking for an independent voice and intelligent advice on style and luxury clothing’. And thanks to said voice, the blog has been featured in publications like GQ, Esquire, and New York Times.

What You’ll Find: Impeccable tailoring, perfectly put-together outfits that range between smart-casual to business-formal, wardrobe building tips, advice on alterations and many more.

Our Favorites: The in-depth guides on everything from tailor style to suit style and from fabrics to shopping.


Corpette - Office Outfits
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Corporette is exactly what you’d get from the title: corporate boss lady fashion, ready to rock the boardroom. The blog is targeted towards women lawyers, MBAs, bankers, and consultants that are looking for that perfect merge between professional and stylish. The blog is run by Kat Griffin, who endearingly admits that ‘she had to learn fashion truths the hard way: by showing up to her conservative Wall Street office in outfits that seemed perfectly fashionable and normal when she left the house, only to realize upon arrival to the office that they were either horribly frumpy or incredibly inappropriate.’

What You’ll Find: Great workwear reports, both frugal and splurge style picks, tips on work-from-home outfits, as well as career and productivity advice.

Our Favorites: Their comprehensive guides on suits like this gem.

Capitol Hill Style

Capitol Hill Style - Offic Outfits
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From how to dress for Zoom calls to great workwear finds, Capitol Hill Style advises you to ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’. The blog is for ‘women who care about their job, and how they dress for it’, while also making a statement on rejecting ‘the misconception that being a “career woman” means that we cannot also love fashion.’ Ran by Abra Belke, a law school graduate, currently working in politics, the blog offers helpful style tips that make the career woman’s job easier.

What You’ll Find: From Fantastic Finds to How to Wear It and beauty tips, plus practical advice for working women, Capitol Hill Style has it all.

Our Favorites: We love posts like their piece on finding the perfect bra, full of helpful information – including input from their engaged readers through a highly interactive comment section.

Color Me Courtney

Color Me Courtney - Office Outfits
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Color-loving creatives unite, as Color Me Courtney is the blog for you. Bold, bright, and fun, the blog is an open love letter to color, curated to perfection. Courtney Quinn is a self-described ‘quirky New Yorker with an out-of-the-box sense of style-obsessed with all things colorful’ – and we can definitely tell. While far from your typical neutral-tone office wardrobe, the blog is dedicated to those who ‘chase their dreams and always dress outside the lines’. And if your work environment allows it, why not. The woman behind it left behind working in the corporate world for brands like Kate Spade and Coach, to fully dedicate to her ultra-pigmented, whimsically creative space on the Internet.

What You’ll Find: Unexpected color combinations that simply work, looks in every shade of the rainbow, thematic and festive outfits, color-curated shopping picks and more.

Our Favorites: The possibility to explore and filter outfits by color!

Beauti Curve

Beauti Curve - Office Outfits
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Ran by Rochelle Johnson, Beauti Curve features more than just office outfits you can wear to work – but also holiday looks (great inspo for finding your New Years Eve outfit!), maternity looks, seasonal finds, and budget style picks. With an equally inspiring Instagram account (find her here), Rochelle aims to ‘catalog fashion adventures in a place where everyone could see and hopefully draw inspiration from’. Mission accomplished! From pastel-hued business suits paired with fun prints to monochrome caramel looks, we’re loving everything on Beauti Curve.

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What You’ll Find: Fashion, travel, beauty and motherhood posts, plus gift guides and seasonal must-have style picks.

Our Favorites: Budget-friendly suggestions like this sweater-galore ones.

Brooklyn Blonde

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Ran by Helena Glazer, Brooklyn Blonde is all about outfits, mom life, beauty, and beyond, all covered with a strong NY flair (as per its title). Helena’s outfits gravitate from casual-cool to smart-casual to business-ready and usually stick to classic color palettes and streamlined silhouettes. From tips on looking put together to outfit ideas featuring pieces that can be worn multiple ways, there’s lots to explore and draw inspiration from on Brooklyn Blonde.

What You’ll Find: The widest range of outfits grouped by season, a great feature that helps the reader find exactly what they are looking for.

Our Favorites: This red hot look that shows true commitment to color and classic tailoring.

Bright Bazaar

Bright Bazaar - Office Outfits
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Book author and blogger Will Taylor is a New Yorker who describes himself as ‘the undeniably extra one who matches his outfits to room designs and walls — and genuinely gets a kick out of it’. Passionate about both fashion and interior design, Will focuses his blog on ‘everyday life and style, inspiring interiors and design-led travel’. His outfits are mostly from the smart-casual arena, fresh, colorful, and relatable – and could easily translate well into looks for the widest range of professions.

What You’ll Find: Outfits for every occasion, style edits and gift picks, as well as travel, home tours and design finds.

Our Favorites: Will is a pro at layering, so we’re loving outfits like this one, which would work for work, as well as for the holidays.

50 Is Not Old

50 is not Old - Office Outfits
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Tania Stephens, who works full time, describes her style as ‘classic meets trendy’, with a mix of high and low and lots of vintage jewelry. The author, who admits to not being fashion blogger material when starting out, states: “I focus more on fashion and beauty topics because I feel turning 40, 50, or older is no reason to let yourself go.” And that’s exactly what her blog is accomplishing: great, relatable and always a put-together style that is perfect for the widest range of office jobs.

What You’ll Find: Outfits grouped by season, as well as hair tutorials, skincare and makeup to complete your office-ready looks.

Our Favorites: Her love for pearls and statement pearl necklaces at different necklace lengths, as evident in posts like this one – and the way she elevates simple smart-casual women’s outfits with the gems of the sea.

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Pearl Jewelry can transform any look, whether you’re headed to the office or the cocktail party. Grab your trusted pantsuit or a smart-casual ensemble and upgrade your outfit with a statement pearl necklace in white or an elegant pearl ring for a classic-meets modern look that never goes out of style.

Audrey Leighton

Audrey Leighton - Office Outfits
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Ran by Audrey Leighton Rogers, photographer, and writer splitting her time between Paris and Barcelona. An online presence for more than a decade, Audrey finds her inspiration from Lookbook and Vogue Paris editorials and names fashion as an art form, saying: ‘clothes are a means of self-expression, potentially the most practiced art form in contemporary society, and so I guess fashion has developed as one of my favorite art forms.’

What You’ll Find: Everything from personal style to fitness and health, unique jewelry and travel, plus stunning photography throughout.

Our Favorites: The blog’s highly cohesive color palette in warm shades – evocative and perfectly curated.

Blue Collar Red Lipstick

Blue Collar Red Lipstick - Office Outfits
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Adina Jakovljevic runs the blog Blue Collar Red Lipstick, an online space dedicated to workwear fashion – the bright, bold, and expressive kind. Adina’s style is anything but predictable, with a flair for mish-mash combos and a strong eye for color and pattern. The name of the blog comes from the writer’s location, who candidly explains: ‘living in a “blue collar” town doesn’t mean we can’t wear red lipstick.’

What You’ll Find: Countless office posts, gorgeous jewelry picks, color combos you’ve probably never considered (but should!) and quirky, unique style that simply works – for work.

Our Favorites: The blog’s Work Wardrobe Capsules, which will give you endless office outfits inspiration for every month of the year.

Chic at Any Age

Chic at Any Age - Office Outfits
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Josephine Lalwan started her blog Chic at Any Age at the age of 60. Aiming to be ‘a fashion resource for women over 50 who want to learn more about style, fashion and what will suit them as mature women’, the blog is all about having fun with fashion at any age. With a background in fashion PR and in the corporate world running seminars, coaching, and speaking at conferences, Josephine is currently focusing on promoting slow fashion principles and building a sustainable closet that doesn’t compromise in terms of functionality.

What You’ll Find: Season-based outfit suggestions you can easily wear to work, great fashion finds, plus beauty and nutrition articles.

Our Favorites: The chic outfit moodboards and great style picks for every season.

He Spoke Style

He Spoke Style - Office Outfits
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Brian Sacawa is a ‘saxophone section leader, media relations director, and spokesperson for The United States Army Field Band’ with a strong flair for dapper fashion. He created his blog He Spoke Style as an inspirational platform for men’s style, as well as grooming and lifestyle content.

What You’ll Find: Conveying the idea that style is far more than clothes, the blog brings you style guides, reviews, accessories and seasonal picks, plus everything else from picking fragrances to skincare.

Our Favorites: The perfectly-tailored suits that Brian sports – endless fashion inspo for office-goers who aim to look impeccable.

Not Dressed as Lamb

Not Dressed as Lamb - Office Outfits
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Catherine Summers is a UK based blogger with a flair for fun and quirky, colorful fashion. She says: ‘I write the blog to encourage women of all ages to ditch those crazy notions of “age-appropriate” dressing.’ From funky animal print maxis to all things orange-hued and groovy shades, Catherine is not afraid of color, patterns, and mix & matching.

What You’ll Find: Endless inspiration on how to rock color and pattern, topped with a burst of creativity.

Our Favorites: Catherine’s self-declared ‘maximalist office outfits’.

Girls of a Certain Age

Girls of Certain Age - Office Outfits
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When you need a little boost and inspo ahead of the shopping session, this next blog is here to help. Kim France’s blog Girls of a Certain Age is ‘about figuring out a new and somewhat tweaked way to look chic and distinctive and sexy—because, as a wise person once said, the older you get, the dumber cool looks’.

What You’ll Find: A mix of trend spotlights, affordable finds, shopping suggestions, beauty and home design.

Our Favorites: Their curated style round-ups, like this one with lots of options for black jeans you can wear to work.


Memorandum - Office Outfits
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As one of the few blogs fully dedicated to office outfits, Memorandum is the destination for career women looking for great style options, whether working in a tech start-up or high-up in the corporate world. Mary Orton is the woman behind the blog, who documents her business-ready outfits that range from casual-chic to smart, with one thing in common: accessorized to perfection.

What You’ll Find: Versatile looks that take you desk-to-drinks, an impressive range of office outfits in neutral, elegant jewelry, classic shades and looks for every type of work environment.

Our Favorites: The possibility to filter office style content based on its type: conservative, creative, interview, day to night or casual.

Accidental Icon

Accidental Icon - Office Outfits
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Created by Lyn Slater (who, quick disclaimer, no longer considers herself ‘accidental’ icon), the blog was designed as ‘an urban, modern, intellectual aesthetic but also spoke to women who live what I call “interesting but ordinary lives” in cities’. Lyn’s fashion choices are definitely creative – and while not designed specifically for office jobs, they can provide endless inspiration for office outfits you can wear in a more creative work environment.

What You’ll Find: A mix of opposites, where Lyn wears all-black one day, only to shine in rainbow shades the next. Endlessly imaginative and full of inspiration.

Our Favorites: The impressive collection of cozy coats that give us wardrobe envy.

Legallee Blonde

Legalee Blonde - Office Outfits
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Criminal lawyer Lee Taylor is all about pursuing more than just one passion. In her words: ‘I hate – really, really hate – the misconception that being a professional means giving up your creative side. That you don’t get to care about clothes, because you are only your profession.’ Her blog aims to merge the two worlds, resulting in office outfits that are chic, professional, and always ready to rock in the courtroom and beyond.

What You’ll Find: Countless office style advice posts and outfit inspiration, with décor and food thrown in the mix.

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Our Favorites: The blog’s Wear to Work series, which curates great office-ready finds from different retailers.

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Whether you’re wearing sharp blazers to work or denims and a smart-casual top, elegant and refined Pearl Earrings can instantly elevate your look. Complete your office outfits with a pair of classic Pearl Earrings, designed to add that touch of discreet glow and refinement to any work outfit.

Get Your Pretty On

Get Your Pretty On - Office Outfits
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Alison Lumbatis, who describes herself as a ‘recovering yoga pants addict’, founded the blog Get Your Pretty On with the purpose of changing ‘the way women feel about themselves-forever.’ The blog aims to take women out of their style rut and offer them functional and chic style options that boost confidence, mood, and productivity.

What You’ll Find: From closet staples features to their Pretty Fix series and perfecting your lip game with the right shade, Get Your Pretty On is about dolling up the right way – in a way that works for your life, whether working from home, in an office or enjoying downtime.

Our Favorites: Their Easy Outfits features, which bring lots of great style options that rank high in terms of versatility.

Grey Fox Blog

Grey Fox Blog - Office Outfits
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David Evans runs Grey Fox Blog, an online platform for men over 40, featuring style, fashion, and lifestyle posts, with travel and cars in-between. Catering to a specific demographic, but enjoyed by all, Grey Fox is all about looking dapper yet effortless, gravitating towards classic lines with a modern flair.

What You’ll Find: The widest range of suits and potential office outfits, British-made style picks, plus fashionable options for downtime activities.

Our Favorites: Sustainability-focused style advice like the one found in this article.

That’s Not My Age

That's Not My Age - Office Outfits
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Alyson Walsh runs That’s Not My Age, a life and style blog for women of all ages. As a former magazine fashion editor, Alyson’s style is poised, expressive, and never predictable. Designed as an online space to celebrate midlife, the blog’s mantra is ‘Looking good is not about buying loads of new stuff but spending time figuring out what makes you feel chic and comfortable and confident’.

What You’ll Find: Style advice, fashionable shopping finds, smart casual women’s outfits and the occasional health and beauty post.

Our Favorites: Alyson’s love for vibrantly hued outfits that make strong color statements – and are certified mood boosters.

She Goes Wear

She Goes Wear - Office Outfits
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Dorothy Halley-Frame is the founder and editor at She Goes Wear, a ‘workwear fashion and lifestyle blog aiming to inspire women in business’. Running since 2013, the blog is a great resource for women who need to look professional, without having to sacrifice on expressing their style and love for fashion.

What You’ll Find: What the writer accurately calls ‘uncomplicated chic style inspiration’, advice for work, as well as beauty and lifestyle content. 

Our Favorites: The A Week at Work series, where you’ll find countless cute office outfits that manage to look both office-ready and on-trend.

Retro Flame

Retro Flame - Office Outfits
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Fashion and lifestyle blogger Erika Fox is a New Yorker with a background in fashion PR. Retro Flame ‘documents Erika’s work, travels, outfits and inspirations’ – and comes with lots of great options for office outfits. Erika’s style is clean, streamlined, in simple lines, and follows a cohesive neutral color palette, ideal for a varied range of jobs.

What You’ll Find: The blog features everything from fitness to gift guides and from skincare tips to daily outfit ideas, plus style tips and fashion finds.

Our Favorites: Great trend roundups with chic style picks, like this leather must-haves piece.

White Collar Glam

White Collar Glam - Office Outfits
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New Yorker Cheslie Kryst, who has a background in law, but currently works as a news correspondent, runs the blog White Collar Glam – which is exactly what the title describes. ‘Dedicated to helping women dress professionally in white-collar jobs’, the blog proves that white collar fashion doesn’t have to be austere and monotonous. 

What You’ll Find: Color, statement pieces, textures and perfect tailoring in an inspirational collection of office outfits.

Our Favorites: Cheslie’s style is anything but basic – and we’re loving her velvet galore look that makes a statement at work.

The Modest Man

The Modest Man - Office Outfits
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Focusing primarily on men’s style, grooming, fitness, dating, and lifestyle, The Modest Man aims to help men look their best on every occasion – particularly short men. The website is run by Brock McGoff, who details: ‘Oftentimes, men of modest height have trouble finding clothes that fit well off the rack. We end up settling for ill-fitting garments or paying the tailor tax.’

What You’ll Find: Style lessons, product reviews, outfit ideas that you can easily wear to work, as well as personal advice on dating and building confidence.

Our Favorites: Their in-depth, comprehensive guides on any style topic, especially the pieces focused on sustainability.

This Time Tomorrow

This Time Tomorrow - Office Outfits
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Krystal Bick is the creator of This Time Tomorrow, a style and travel site, full of charming photography and retro flair. Described by the author as ‘the discerning girl’s destination for all things style, travel, art, dating, and New York City related’, with a few self-declared ‘ramblings’ in the mix, the blog denotes old-school glamour from every angle.

What You’ll Find: A plethora of mid-length dresses and classic Manolo pumps, plus stunning photography throughout.

Our Favorites: The blend between iconic NY moments and the evocative fashion choices.

Style Beyond Age

Style Beyond Age - Office Outfits
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Sonia Lovett is the stylish woman behind Style Beyond Age. On her understanding of fashion: ‘is not about money as much as it is about acquiring an eye to see things through a different lens. Shop your own closet has always been my motto.’ From neutral outfits that work in a wide range of occasions to prints and everything from pencil skirts to leather looks and statement necklaces, the blog provides lots of inspiration on styling.

What You’ll Find: Lifestyle, fashion, travel wellness and sustainability content, plus the possibility to shop Sonia’s style.

Our Favorites: Affordable fashion finds that look expensive, like the suggestions in this budget-friendly post.

Elements of Style Blog

Elements of Style Blog - Office Outfits
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Erin Gates is the founder of Elements of Style Blog. With a background in architecture, Erin has an eye not only for fashion but also for interior design and product design – all while also being a bestselling author. Running since 2007, the blog is your daily dose of all-around style, from your closet to your home.

What You’ll Find: A little bit of everything, from interiors to motherhood, plus style suggestions you can easily recreate, including office outfits.

Our Favorites: The Fashion Friday series, which brings style tips on what to wear – and what to stay away from as well.

Fashion Jackson

Fashion Jackson - Office Outfits
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Amy Jackson runs Fashion Jackson, which is ‘your source for daily inspiration from fashion and beauty to lifestyle and home’. A self-described minimalist in terms of style, Amy has a simple approach to fashion and doesn’t compromise in terms of sophistication and attainability.

What You’ll Find: Outfits, Amazon hauls and style guides, plus a bit of beauty and lifestyle content in the mix.

Our Favorites: Amy’s coat game is strong and we’re loving posts that give us options of stylish outerwear perfect for office outfits.

Rachel Parcell

Rachel Parcell - Office Outfits
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Fashion blogger turned fashion designer Rachel Parcell does not dress for your average office job. Unapologetically glamorous, Rachel is all about ‘elevating everyday life and making big and small moments look and feel beautiful’ – not only through her style but through interior design as well.

What You’ll Find: Gorgeous interior design, fitness, beauty tips and fashion throughout, with a flair for classic looks with a modern, feminine twist.

Our Favorites: Style picks like these that tick all the boxes: basics for the office, casual time and for working from home.

Extra Petite

Extra Petite - Office Outfits
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Jean Wang describes her blog Extra Petite as the ‘outlet for sharing the things I’m most passionate about—classic, timeless style, good food (all the noodles, please!), and traveling to new places’. In addition, as a big believer in using fashion as an empowerment tool for women everywhere, Jean applies her mantra everywhere, from her office outfits to her casual looks.

What You’ll Find: Great style options for petite women. Jean is ‘a touch under 5-feet tall’ and a big believer that size, as well as height should not derail anyone on their journey to achieving flawless style.

Our Favorites: Practical style tips (like how to tuck a sweater over a dress!), seasonal looks and outfits by occasion.

Penny Pincher Fashion

Penny Pincher Fashion - Office Outfits
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Kimberly Smith started her blog Penny Pincher Fashion in 2011, aiming to feature chic and affordable fashion. She explains: ‘I strive to keep all the items featured here under $100 and if I do highlight something more expensive, I do my best to explain why I believe it’s a worthwhile & versatile investment.’

What You’ll Find: Weekly finds, best of, style picks and curated outfit moodboards.

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Our Favorites: Fashion posts categorized by season with lots of office outfits to choose from.

Wendy’s Lookbook

Wendy's Lookbook - Office Outfits
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Wendy Nguyen launched her career as a style blogger when her video on 25 ways to wear a scarf went viral and reached 42 million views. With a background in banking and finance, Wendy made a career change towards the creative field of fashion and never looked back.

What You’ll Find: Fashion, travel and beauty posts, with lots to choose from in terms of looks you can wear to work.

Our Favorites: Bold color statements like these gorgeous ones in red, canary yellow and orange.

The Middle Page

The Middle Page - Office Outfits
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Cathy Williamson is a Dallas beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger, running the Middle Page. As a platform dedicated to all things style-related for ladies over 50, The Middle Page offers great inspiration for smart casual women’s outfits that can easily be worn while on the job.

What You’ll Find: From chic interior design to how to have thicker hair, plus all things fashion, there’s lots of great content at The Middle Page.

Our Favorites: The Chic at Every Age series, which proves that true style is simply timeless and ageless.

The Werk! Place

The Werk! Place - Office Outfits
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Tiffany M. Battle is the content producer at The Werk! Place, which she describes as a contemporary lifestyle brand dedicated to enhancing and highlighting the lifestyle of women through a fashion lens, The Werk! Place explores all aspects of today’s woman’. With a background in engineering, Tiffany created her blog after a very inspirational trip to Paris Fashion Week back in 2012.

What You’ll Find: Great jewelry picks, vibrant photography, an explosion of color and evocative photo diaries.

Our Favorites: Bold, color statement looks like this red-hot ensemble with a neon punch.

Kate Waterhouse

Kate Waterhouse - Office Outfits
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Journalist, media personality, television presenter, and radio host Kate Waterhouse is the woman behind the blog with the same name, described as ‘a platform for a go-to fashion destination in Australia, with Kate reporting on fashion, trends, beauty, and lifestyle as well as featuring candid celebrity interviews.’

What You’ll Find: In addition to the fashion content, you’ll find celebrity interviews, mom advice, travel tips, healthy food and more.

Our Favorites: The What I Wore category, offering chic outfit inspiration that ranges from casual to glam, business and beyond.

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An easy way to make your office-ready outfit stand out is by opting for the right jewelry pieces – and sleek & chic Drop Earrings can do just that. Providing shine and twinkle from every angle, our collection of Drop Earrings adds that note of chic glam to any look in your wardrobe.

Damsel in Dior

Damsel in Dior - Office Outfits
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Jacey Duprie started Damsel in Dior 10 years ago, with the goal of creating a space ‘after working freelance as a website designer.’ Jacey’s style is classic and in simple lines without the fuss, in a predominantly neutral color palette – easy to recreate and suitable for a variety of work environments.

What You’ll Find: Outfits, style tips, home decor and more, carefully selected accessories like watches and stud earrings, plus a beautiful Instagram account to match.

Our Favorites: Supporting small businesses with great options to shop from like the ones in this post.

Could I Have That?

Could I Have That - Office Outfits
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Samantha Wennerstrom is the founder of Could I Have That?, ‘a destination for all who love upping the ante in their everyday lives’. Samantha’s style navigates from minimalistic to slightly boho-chic , with lots of light neutrals and a few prints mixed in.

What You’ll Find: Style, travel and living content, plus a section focused on kids called ‘Mini’.

Our Favorites: Affordable chic options (under $50!) like the ones found in this post.

Kingdom of Style

Kingdom of Style - Office Outfits
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Kingdom of Style is written by lifelong friends Michelle and Marie, who launched their platform back in 2006. As ‘one of the originators of modern blogging and the first-ever Scottish fashion blog’, their website grew over the years and inspired not only its readers but many bloggers as well. Kingdom of Style might not be your average workwear blog, but the eccentric and eclectic fashion are definitely exciting.

What You’ll Find: Personal style, ‘blogitorials’, retail therapy, home and DIY content, as well as content on films and books.

Our Favorites: Editorials focused on architectural and structural fashion, such as this inspiring one.

The Stripe

The Stripe - Office Outfits
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Grace Atwood is the Brooklyn-based blogger in charge of The Stripe, as well as the co-host of podcast Bad on Paper. She launched her blog in 2010 under the name of Stripes & Sequins, ‘out of a love for fashion, beauty, and making’. From creating your very own DIY pompom bag to skincare product reviews and from must-have reading accessories to spring favorites, there’s lots to explore at The Stripe.

What You’ll Find: Style, DIY, beauty, travel, wellness, books and lifestyle content.

Our Favorites: Helpful tips on saving and splurging on designer items, like the ones found in this post.

Kendi Everyday

Kendi Everyday - Office Outfits
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Kendi Skeen defines herself as an ‘everyday style blogger’ – and her content reflects just that. Accessible, easy to recreate, chic looks that could easily translate into office outfits, ranging from casual to smart casual and beyond, with lots of great staples and a few classic prints mixed in.

What You’ll Find: Style posts and gift guides, how to wear content, beauty buys and sale must-haves.

Our Favorites: The Friday Night Likes series which brings you curated collages of on-trend pieces.

Glitter Inc.

Glitter Inc. - Office Outfits
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Lexi Holzberg Kritzer is a lawyer / blogger based in Boston. Her blogging mantra: ‘I post everything and anything I fall in love with, from gorgeous clothes to impractical shoes, interior design, travel, weddings and events, DIY projects, recipes, even the big scary future.’

What You’ll Find: In terms of fashion, you’ll find everything from weekly and festive finds to jewelry picks and loungewear suggestions, with lots of good options for building up your office outfits wardrobe.

Our Favorites: We’re all about capsule wardrobes and Glitter Inc offers great advice on creating a chic winter collection of staples.

Merrick’s Art

Merrick's Art - Office Outfits
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When she’s not busy making clothes, Merrick White is running the block Merrick’s Art. Launched back in 2008, the blog is all about ‘putting together outfits and helping women feel more confident in shopping and dressing their bodies’.

What You’ll Find: Sewing projects, seasonal outfits, momiform ideas, casual and smart casual women’s outfits and more.

Our Favorites: Helpful style content, like multiple ways to wear a staple piece: 4 Ways To Wear A Sweater Blazer.

Alterations Needed

Alterations Needed - Office Outfits
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Kelly Tucker is the LA-based woman behind Alterations Needed, where she documents her style journey and shares tips on building personal style. At 4’11’’, Kelly believes in the power of alterations, hence her blog’s name, where you’ll find everything you need to achieve great style for petite sizes.

What You’ll Find: Outfits with an edgy feel (often inspired by menswear) and style tips from wearing denims to elevating basic office outfits.

Our Favorites: The Petite Fashion Guide, which has everything from resources to style tips for petite women.

The Budget Babe

The Budget Babe - Office Outfits
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Dianna Baros is the editor and founder of The Budget Babe, which she describes as her ‘mission to help women have fun with fashion and feel good about themselves since 2007’. The blog is all about enjoying fashion without breaking the bank, celebrity-inspired looks, and accessible trends.

What You’ll Find: Save and splurge comparisons, looks for less, celebrity outfit inspiration, beauty, décor, and more.

Our Favorites: Dianna’s posts prove that we can all look as chic as Hollywood celebs – and this monochrome outfit a la Jessica Alba is the perfect example.

Wardrobe Oxygen

Wardrobe Oxygen - Office Outfits
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Alison Gary is a full-time blogger, who, in her words, ‘focuses on providing real-life style advice’ for mature women. With a background in retail, apparel, and visual merchandising, Alison has a solid knowledge of what works – and what doesn’t – for a variety of budgets and body types.

What You’ll Find: Lifestyle, beauty, gift guides and a lot of fashion content, including everything from sleepwear and activewear to denim and workwear.

Our Favorites: Her Corporate Fashion section, where you’ll find everything you need on what to wear to work, with great plus-size options.

Final Words

Mastering the art of looking perfectly put together for work takes – you guessed, work. From the tailoring to the accessories and the jewelry, every detail counts when aiming to ‘dress for the job you want (not the one you have)’. But these bloggers have it all covered, from the office outfits for conservative dress codes to the ones on the casual side – and they’re all about sharing their style tips with the world. Who is your favorite blogger for office outfits inspiration? Let us know in the comment section below!

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