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Millennial Celebrities Love Pearls… And, Look How They Wear Them

Last Updated on November 10, 2023 by Carla Jonas

Pearls have become a fashion trend among some of the hottest millennial celebrities on the scene. These days, pearls are still elegant gems. But, today’s jewelers are creating pearl jewelry that’s both trendy and fashionable for the times. And, these celebrity millennials are going out of their ways to hunt down fashionable clothing and other gear featuring the precious gemstones. You have got to check this out!

Millennial Celebrities: Rihanna Loves Pearls

Photo credit: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

RiRi stole the show with her little black dress and unique pearl accessories at a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She was the air of chic sophistication as she took center stage. Rihanna flaunted her style of seduction in a black satin gown. Fashionable black satin gloves added a seductive feel to her look.

What sets the Barbados-born singer’s entire look apart from the rest are her pearl jewelry accessories. The Caribbean Queen is well-known for wearing multiple strands of pearls. But, here, she’s sporting a hunky pearl choker, and an amazing pair of pearl sunglass by Chanel.

These sunglasses are amazing. They’re both fashionable and trendy. Plus, they’re bold and daring, just right for this millennial superstar. Any celebrity or non-celebrity fashionista would enjoy turning heads in these designer gems.

Would you buy these pearl sunglasses from Chanel if money was not an issue? Then, how about putting your creative mind to use? Design your own sunglasses and create them yourself.

Millennial Celebrities: Scarlett Johansson Loves Pearls

No one knows for sure whether the star of “Girl with a Pearl Earring” became fond of the lustrous gems because of her role in the movie. But, what we do know is… Scarlett Johansson really loves pearls. And, for this 30s something millennial beauty, it’s about much more than pearl necklaces and earrings.

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The blonde bombshell was spotted in Russia. She was there doing a photo shoot for Russian Vogue. But, what’s so amazing is where she’s wearing her pearls. Do you see this exquisite looking pearl skirt? It’s bold, it’s loud and it’s definitely trendy.

If pearls on clothes are the craze for this famous millennial, then you can be sure it’ll add pizzazz to your wardrobe.

And, you don’t have to be a star to enjoy such stylish gear. You’ll find some really stylish pearl clothing available for sale online. Or, you can create your own skirt with pearls and other gems all by yourself.

Millennial Celebrities: Rita Ora Loves Pearls

Now, this millennial celebrity really loves pearls. Rita Ora is seen in pearls all the time. It’s easy to spot this British singer and actress wearing pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, and other pearl jewelry.

She threw the fashion world for a loop when she strutted her stuff in a now infamous pearl bra. Talk about sexy!

Photo Credit: Steve Ginsburg

Here, you see millennial celebrity Rita Ora with pearls in her hair and pearls around her neck. Check out her pearl studded jeans! Aren’t they simply adorable… yet, daring and dramatic?

And, that pearl studded jean coat below? Do those pearls actually spell Rita on the back? I love it!!!

Millennial Celebrities: Kate Middleton Loves Pearls

The Duchess of Cambridge wooed us from the moment we were formally introduced. We watched her closely, especially what she wore and how she wore it. Soon, the royal millennial known as Kate Middleton showed us… “they’re not your grandmother’s pearls anymore.”

For the Princess of Whales, pearls seem to be like diamonds in her eyes. They’re her “go-to” gem when she wants to look elegant… like the true princess that she is in real life.

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Kate is well-known for her dainty pearl stud earrings. But, here she is in Paris, wearing big, bold pearl earrings.

Photo Credit: Samir Hussein

Millennial Celebrities: Katy Perry Loves Pearls

Ms. Katy Perry has been creating fashion trends since the day she hit the music scene. The millennial pop star wooed the crowd at a City of Hope Spirit of Life Award ceremony. She strolled in wearing a rose-pink silk dress… without a bra (shocker report).

But, it was the “The Great Gatsby” inspired accessories that took her simple attire over the top. The “Wide Awake” singer transformed her look by adding a silver stone-studded headband with matching shoes, a colorful feather flapper clutch, purple Marcel waves and a doubled-up long strand of pearls.

Photo Credit: Michael Kovac

Katy Perry looks very sexy in her 1920s garb. That may be simply because of her slinky, long dress is actually nightwear. Yes, you read right… lingerie! It takes a daring fashionista to wear nightwear in the daytime. Are you daring enough to try something like that?

Millennials Love Pearls

Pearls have yet to completely replace diamonds as a girl’s best friend. However, these precious gems are quickly becoming the gemstone of choice for celebrities everywhere, including millennials. And, pearl jewelry keeps getting trendier with the times.

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