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Top 2022 Unique Gifts for Grandma She’ll Never Expect

Last Updated on July 8, 2022 by Carla Jonas

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Any time you give a gift – whether for Christmas, a birthday or an anniversary, you want it to be special. You want something the recipient will appreciate – and this is especially true when it comes to your grandmother. On the one hand, grandmas are easy to buy for. But, fact is, a great gift for grandma is hard to come by. They love you so much, they adore pretty much anything you give them, including shaky scribbles and sticky kisses. Plus, your nana has done so much for you through the years, you really want to offer her grandma gifts that reflect her kindness, generosity, and thoughtfulness.

Here’s a bit of trivia that may surprise you, or it may not. Research shows that at least one-quarter of all Americans wait until the last minute to buy presents. But since it’s important to get this one right, we’ve compiled a list of fabulous ideas of gifts for grandma, covering a wide range of prices and interests. Whether the role is brand-new for her (huge congrats!) or the grandkids are all bigger than she is now, you’re sure to find just the perfect grandma gifts that will show that wonderful woman just how special she is to you.

For The One Who Is Perfect in Every Way

To thank her for all the pearls of wisdom she’s dispensed to you over the years, genuine pearls make the best gifts for grandmas. If your grandma is already sporting a gorgeous strand of crisp whites, opt for the unexpected and surprise her with a multicolor Freshwater pearl necklace or a single pearl necklace. To complete the set, Freshwater pearl bracelets or classic stud earrings make gorgeous gifts for grandmothers who radiate grace and refinement. For a lover of colored jewelry piece, opt for a combo between pearls and trending pink gemstones in unique earring styles. After al, pearls can’t miss the mark – whether we’re talking bridesmaid proposal gifts, presents for nana, mom or sister.

Shop The Pearl Source Freshwater Multicolor Necklace

For the One Who Goes Gaga for Gourmet Goodies

gurme gifts

Providing food is one of the most primal roles of a grandmother, and your grandma has probably prepared more meals than she cares to contemplate. But even (or especially) if she’s an order-in kind of gal, mouth-watering goodie baskets make fabulous gifts. Indeed, food items are the kind of gifts for grandparents everyone can appreciate! Featuring syrup, spreads and cookies, this basket is a gourmet lover’s dream. Plus, this goodie basket shows nana you care – and that’s a top criteria when shopping for the best gifts for grandma.

Shop Mouth-Watering Goodie Baskets

Grandma Gifts for the Fashion Maven Nana

Looking for gifts for grandmothers who love both fashion and comfort? Some of the best heart (and body) warming grandma gifts include cashmere travel wraps. Lightweight, perfectly for year round use and available in a rainbow of colors, it’ll be like she’s wearing a hug from you even when you’re not around. This one in blush pink is what dreams are made of: soft, warm and super comfortable.

Shop Cashmere Travel Wrap


What works best with gorgeous cashmere? Pearls! Bring a smile to the best grandma’s face by pairing your soft pashmina with a matching set of pearl earrings, be it studs or pearl dangle earrings. Designed to match the highest standards, our collection of White South Sea Pearl Earrings brings you an elegant assortment of designs, fit for daily wear, as well as for special occasions. Find the perfect gift for grandma and delight her with the present of a lifetime.

Gift Ideas for Grandma: For the One Who Relishes Relaxation

Even if she’s got more energy than all the grandkids combined, she probably looks forward to winding down now and again. Soothing aromatherapy lavender eye pillows make perfect gifts and they are as pretty as they are thoughtful. This handmade pick from Etsy is not only adorably chic, but perfectly fragranced. If shopping for gifts for grandmothers who appreciate a handmade item, this fragranced treat is the way to go.

Shop Weighted Eye Pillow

Grandma Gifts for the Chocoholic

chocoholic gift

Gifts for grandmothers who have it all are a rarity, which is why you should always aim to offer nana something that simply makes her day better. Case in point: chocolates! Gourmet truffles make delicious uncommon goods grandmas who enjoy the finer things in life. There’s something for every taste out there. From decadent dark chocolate to smooth and creamy milk chocolate to heavenly white chocolate, not to mention every flavor in between including sea salt, caramel, coconut and champagne! With so many choices, you’ll find exactly the right gifts for grandma, uniquely suited to her taste buds.

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Shop Pink Marc De Champagne Truffle Heart

For the Woman About Town

Here’s one for the grandma who spends more time out and about than at home. Delight the best grandma in town with a chic accessory that’s bound to turn heads. Practical and stylish gifts for grandmothers-on-the-go include chain wallets. With a slim silhouette, they offer the perfect way for her to tote essentials like ID, credit cards and cash without weighing her down.

Shop Kate Spade Spencer Leather Chain Wallet

For the Nana That Has Years of Travel Under Her Belt

traveler grandma gift

When on the lookout for gift ideas for grandma, always think of nana’s hobbies and favorite pastime activities. For the grandma who has the wanderlust jitters year round, this next one is a winner. Continuing with the footloose and fancy-free theme, one of the really thoughtful uncommon goods for grandma is a personalized world map that shows all the places she and grandpa have visited over the years. Plus, this gift for grandma doubles as cool art for the living-room. This one also makes an excellent 50th anniversary gift!

Shop Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map

Gifts That Inspire Her to Get Crafty

crafty gift

Like baking cookies, knitting may sound like a clichéd grandma hobby, but that doesn’t mean yours doesn’t love it unapologetically. Let her know you appreciate all the handmade hats and scarves she’s made over the years with this gift for grandma: a chic travel knitting bag. It’s one of those useful yet snazzy gifts that will definitely delight the avid knitter. Plus, the whole family can enjoy grandma’s cool creations.

Shop Travel Knitting Bag

Grandma Gifts For the One Who Appreciates Aromatherapy

Coming up with the best gift ideas for grandma is no easy task, but here’s a tip: think of delighting nana’s senses! There’s something about grandmas and their love for fragrance. After all, their homes seem to always smell just right, whether it’s the smell of lavender of freshly baked cookies. More gifts that smell as beautiful as they look include floral bouquet diffusers. And you can find absolutely any scent to fill the diffuser, from English country garden to fresh-baked cookies! Alternatively, you can opt for an essential oil diffuser and a mix of grandma’s favorite scents, from French lavender to rose.

Shop Floral Bouquet Diffuser

Grandma Gifts For the Pro Snuggler

blanket gift

Some grandmothers are champion knitters, but even if yours isn’t, most grandmas have raised snuggling to an art form, which makes these embellished throws perfect gifts for grandma. Both she and the grandkids will love the designs, fun fringe, tufts, and other details. Recommended for hip grandmas who appreciate a good eclectic Anthropologie find just as much as you do.

Shop All Roads Yucca Throw Blanket

The Best Grandma Gifts That Help Her Get Cozy

Thoughtful and practical, organic fair-trade cotton sheet sets and duvet covers can be great grandma gifts. This cotton bedding is made without harsh chemicals and the workers are paid a fair wage. These also make excellent gifts for grandparents. Another great option: get grandma a silk pillowcase and upgrade her bedtime routine with a dash of fanciness.

Shop Organic Sheet Set

For the One Who Nurtures Nature

nature gift

Got a grandma who enjoys gardening but no longer has the space or inclination to get down and dirty? Indoor grow kit gardens make excellent gifts for grandparents who appreciate fresh herbs and veggies in a convenient countertop container. Even better, they come with their own built-in light, meaning they don’t need to be situated near a window. You can stash them just about anywhere. The verdict: if you’re looking for a gift for grandma that keeps on giving, this one is the way to go.

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Shop AeroGarden Harvest Elite Indoor Hydroponic Garden

For the Glam Granny: Golden Pearl Stud Earrings

gifts for grandma earrings

Pearl jewelry makes classic gifts for grandmas, from mother of pearl brooches to pearl rings. But your chic nana is probably already the owner of classic white pearl studs. Well, now’s the perfect time for an upgrade – namely, golden pearls. Shimmering in soft hues and enhanced with twinkling diamonds, these beauties make the perfect bling to accompany nana to brunch, family anniversaries, or cocktail parties. She’ll love their warm glow and subtle shine – and for a complete look, you can always opt for a pearl pendant in a matching tone to perfect her ensemble. Some of the best gifts for grandmas are those she can enjoy and cherish forever – and pearls are the perfect fit.

Shop Golden South Sea Pearl and Diamond Lexi Earrings


There’s nothing quite like the elegance of pearls. Refined, discreet, with just the right amount of shimmer, round and baroque pearls always make a statement of sophistication – just like grandma herself. Delight the best grandma around with a stunning Pearl Bracelet from our premium collections. Featuring Freshwater Pearls, Akoya, South Sea, Golden South Sea, Hanadama or black gemstones of the seas, our many types of bracelets provide exquisite luster and shine from every angle. Opt for classic whites, glamorous gold, multicolor, exotic black or pastel pink and delight grandma with a gorgeous addition for her jewelry collection.

For the Cozy Granny: Furry Slippers


Grandma deserves the very best. Most nanas love to stay warm – and if your is anything like the rest, then she’ll love a pair of warm, fuzzy slippers that do just that. Make sure your nana is cozy and comfy at all times with this thoughtful gift: a furry pair from Sam Edelman. They come in a great range of colors and they’ve got a subtle sporty vibe and a comfortable round toe, perfect for any type of activities around the house. Alternatively, cozy socks that bring warmth and comfort make great gift ideas for grandma – especially if they come in silky cashmere.

Shop Women’s Jeane Fluffy Crisscross Slippers

A Personalized Touch for Grandma’s Kitchen

A Personalized Touch for Grandma's Kitchen

If you’re searching for gifts for grandmas that are both functional and stylish, a chic kitchen accessory might just be the one. Grandma’s kitchen is the place where all the magic happens. From her famous casserole to her meatloaf and apple pies, the magic is ongoing. Fact is, grandma loves nothing more than feeding all the family members – all 43 of them. Keep the spark alive and preserve the secrets of grandma’s famous recipes with a personalized gift that scores high in terms of uniqueness. Our pick: this wood custom board that serves a double, if not triple function – chic kitchen décor and cheese platter / cutting board. The next family gathering is about to get that special extra touch with this unique gift that is both practical and thoughtful, with a very personal touch in the mix.

Shop Personalized Recipe Cutting Board

A Memorable Gift for Grandma: At-Home Spa Experience


One thing that you might want to consider when shopping for gifts for grandmas is comfort. Making sure nana is comfy, cozy and healthy is one of the best ways to go hunting for gift ideas. And the good thing is, there are lots of products that aim to achieve just that. Meet the RENPHO massager, aka one of the best-selling foot massager around, equipped with a heating system. Grandma will also enjoy the machine’s rotation ball and rolling stick that provide a deep kneading massage that soothes pain and relaxes at the same time.

Shop RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager

For the Grandma Who Is Always Cold: Heating Pad

Heating Pad

Often times, the most welcomed gifts are the ones that bring comfort and ease. Bath salt, face cream packed with vitamin E or lip balm might make good self-care gifts for your grandma, but this year, it’s time to raise the bar. A great relaxing evening at home means making sure grandma is cozy, warm and comfortable. Her go-to aid: a heat pad for her back that ticks all the boxes in terms of comfort and warmth. This one is a bestseller, so allow grandma to enjoy a heat therapy session for instant relief.

Shop PureRelief Heating Pad

For the Patient Plant Lover: Vintage Succulents Puzzle


When on the hunt for exciting gift ideas for grandma, thinking of new hobbies that nana would enjoy is the best way to go. Some of the best gifts for grandma often have a retro, vintage flair. Puzzles make great gifts for nanas everywhere – and this next one is an elevated version of the classics. For the plant lover (and which grandma isn’t one?), opt for this chic puzzle featuring succulents. And, good news: after a few hours – or days – of brainteasing sessions, grandma will get to use the retro succulents as art / wall décor. Tip: offer a puzzle as a gift if you’re sure your favorite nana has time on her hands and lots of patience.

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Shop Vintage Succulents Puzzle

For the Art Lover: Paint by Number Beaches


For a truly unique gift for grandma, get creative! When it comes to the grandma who loves art, there’s nothing better than offering her the possibility to let her imagination flow. Paint by numbers has become a major phenomenon – and we’re willing to bet nana will enjoy the colorful treat. Whether she is a painter herself in her spare time or a true novice, the results are guaranteed to look great. Offer grandma a nostalgia-filled set featuring framed paint by number paintings. Then, help her decorate the living room wall with her very own creations! Alternatively, you can gift her an adult coloring book including pretty mandalas or landscapes, plus a set of colored pencils.

Shop Paint by Number Beaches

For the Scent Loving Nana


Aromatherapy and nanas go hand in hand. And if our diffuser suggestions above aren’t cutting it, there’s always another option. Delight grandma’s senses with a terrarium candle. This is the kind of piece that serves a double function: making the living-room smell heavenly while doubling as pretty coffee table décor. Crafted from pure soy wax and scented with fragrance oil in pine and vanilla, the candle also brings hints of jasmine and white tea (poppy). Lush, in soft, pastel hues and smelling delightfully, this is the kind of gift grandma will surely enjoy.

Shop Terrarium Candles

Get Shopping for Grandma Gifts!

And there you have it! From the cool grandma to the foodie and from the adventure seeker to the nana who prefers to stay cozy at home, we’ve got you covered with the best gifts for grandma. Make sure to read our suggestions and find everything from uncommon goods to the kind of gifts your beloved nana would never expect (but secretly wishes she owned!). Browse, search, read, shop and give grandma the present of a lifetime – unique, designed especially for her (like a monogramed piece or personalized jewelry), chic or functional – or, better yet, all of the above. What are you gifting your grandma for her next birthday, anniversary or Christmas? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below!


Special moments, cherished memories and unmatched glow: pearls are the kind of gift that keeps on giving. Whether you’re shopping for your parents’ anniversary or looking for the best gifts for grandma, you simply can’t go wrong with pearls. And if you are on the lookout for the most lustrous pearls available, make sure to opt for Hanadama Pearls. These ultra-shiny gems of the sea are premium Akoya Pearls, providing endless luster from every angle.

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