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Valentines Day Gifts for Her: 25 Unique Ideas for a Memorable Celebration

Last Updated on March 11, 2024 by Carla Jonas

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It’s that time of year again: the time to load up on huge pink teddy bears, glittery hearts, red roses and heart-shaped chocolate boxes – that is, if you are greatly uninspired. With Valentine’s Day knocking at our door, the hunt for a dazzling gift that forgoes the cliché hearts and glitter is definitely ON. Whether you’re shopping for a lady that’s all about a classic bling or one that’s into out-of-the-box, creative presents, we’ve compiled the ultimate go-to guide on Valentines Day gifts for her. Broken down in five major categories, there’s something special and unique for every type of girl out there. From the adventure chaser to the elegance lover, here are 25 unique ideas for a memorable celebration.

Valentines Day Gifts for Her: Shopping for the Elegance Seeker

She definitely has an affinity for luxury items. She loves to splurge now and then and treasures thoughtful, carefully selected gifts that denote sophistication and chicness. If that perfectly describes your partner, here are five utterly elegant Valentines gift ideas for her.

1. The Custom Akoya Pearl Chain Necklace by the Pearl Source

The Custom Akoya Pearl Chain Necklace
Image Source:

Secondary only to flowers and cards, jewelry makes one of the most popular Valentines Day gifts out there. Moreover, this year, the sparkly jewels are falling behind these dainty and universally-loved gems: pearls! If you are on the lookout for custom Valentines Day gifts for her, there’s nothing that makes a bigger love statement than a pearl jewelry piece designed by you, featuring utterly lustrous gems like Freshwater pearls or Akoya pearls. This necklace by The Pearl Source allows you to incorporate as many gems as you want and choose the perfect pearl tone for your love, complete with the chain of your choice. Alternatively, if your love prefers classic styles, surprise her on Valentine’s Day with a classic pearl necklace in black, white or golden pearls or one of The Pearl Source’s stunning pearl engagement rings.

2. The Deco Sport Watch Head & Silicone Strap Watch by Michele

The-Deco-Sport Watch Head Silicone Strap Watch
Image Source:

Elegance meets sporty appeal in this sleek watch signed by Michele. Perfect for the busy career woman who’s always on the go, this elegant Valentines Day gift merges a modern design with a timeless feel. In addition, it comes in one of the hottest color choices for this special occasion: blush pink.

3. The Chanel Chance Eau de Toilette

The Chanel Chance
Image Source:

If elegance was a fragrance, it would probably be called Chance by Chanel, namely the number one perfume of 2018. This Eau de Toilette doesn’t just come in a lush and elegant bottle in the softest pink hue, but its classic floral scent featuring Jasmine, Pink Pepper and Patchouli could not be more refined and feminine.

4. The Jo Malone London Honeysuckle & Davana Home Candle

Honeysuckle Davana Home Candle
Image Source:

Another fragrance that depicts utter elegance, destined to a lover of sophisticated scents: the Jo Malone Honeysuckle and Davana Candle, in a special occasion-worthy package. With its undertones of rose, earthy moss and davana, this chic candle is designed to double as a statement décor piece, with its sleek glass vessel and silver tone lid.

5. The Pearl Source South Sea Pearl & Diamond Sparkling Jewel Engagement Ring

South Sea Pearl Diamond Sparkling Jewel Engagement Ring
Image Source:

When on the hunt for the best Valentines Day gifts for her, there’s one that simply tops them all: the much-anticipated engagement ring. Why settle for just a pearl bracelet or a mother of pearl piece if you’re ready to pop the big question. When on the hunt for unique engagement rings, do so in style, while forgoing the expected and much pricier choice of a princess cut diamond and opting for a pure, flawless pearl instead. The epitome of elegance, personified in one utterly luxurious ring – one she will enjoy forever.

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Shop White South Sea Pearl Rings


If you’re planning on proposing this Valentine’s Day, pop the question with a striking pearl ring, as a unique alternative to the classic diamond. Browse our collection of ultra-radiant styles, enriched with sparkly diamonds and set in lustrous gold finishes and delight your love with the gift of a lifetime.

Unique Valentines Day Gifts for the Woman Who’s Always on the Go

If you are in love with an adventure chaser who loves to travel, explore and live life to its fullest, satisfy her wanderlust craving with one of these pink-infused Valentines Day gifts for her.

1. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera in Flamingo Pink

Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera in Flamingo Pink
Image Source:

What better way to combine the festive appeal of Valentines with her love for adventure than with an instant camera in a totally vibrant flamingo pink hue? Rock her word with this hot pick from Fujimax, perfect for capturing those special moments spent together.

2. The Carry-On by Away Travel

The Carry On
Image Source:

Whether she travels a lot for work or you enjoy visiting new places together, this carry-on in a pastel pink shade is a trending choice. Fact is, this sleek suitcase is not only a very functional gift, but one that also scores big points in the style department.

3. The Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones in Matte Gold

Solo3 Wireless On Ear Headphones in Matte Gold
Image Source:

Meet the go-to gift for a lover of both adventure and technology. Help her keep up with her favorite podcast while on the go with these chic Beats headphones in an ultra-sleek design. Besides, we’re willing to bet she’ll fall in love with these headphones’ polished matte gold finish.

4. The Naturopathica Sweet Birch Magnesium Bath Flakes

Sweet Birch Magnesium Bath Flakes
Image Source:

No adventure seeker has ever said ‘pass’ to a relaxing hot bath at the end of a fun-filled day. With that in mind, this GOOP-recommended bestseller is a top choice for a lady that’s all about an indulging me-time experience at the end of an adventure.

5. The Paradiso Travel Planner by

The Paradiso Travel Planner
Image Source:

A travelling aficionado certainly needs a dashing little travel planner to hold all her plans and must-dos. The solution: grab this tropical floral one by – one of the chicest and most inexpensive Valentines gifts out there.

Valentines Gift Ideas for Her: Options for the Avid Beauty Aficionado

She loves everything from skincare products to beauty and makeup – and you’re all about treating her with a gift she can enjoy and use on repeat. If so, check out our five trending Valentines gift ideas for her, perfect for beauty lovers always on the lookout for the latest innovations.

1. The Black Pearl Neck & Décolleté Beauty Mask by Sea of Spa

The Black Pearl Neck & Décolleté Beauty Mask
Image Source:

Embrace one of the recent beauty crazes and delight your loved one with an innovative product: the Black Pearl Neck & Décolleté Beauty Mask by Sea of Spa. Valued not only for their beauty, but also for their anti-aging properties, pearls have become a popular beauty and skincare ingredient, competing with the likes of Aloe Vera and Charcoal. Moreover, pearls carry up to 80% calcium, as well as a wide range of amino acids, magnesium and trace minerals, all of which have nourishing and healing benefits on the skin. In addition, used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine and wellness, the gems of the sea are a well-known tonic with skin firming properties. Equally important, what beauty aficionado out there wouldn’t welcome the idea of having radiant skin, channeling the luminous beauty of pearls?

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2. The Birchbox Subscription Gift Box

The Birchbox Subscription Gift Box
Image Source:

Makeup? Skincare? All in one! For the surprise (in a box) lover, the choice is simple: delight your special someone on Valentine’s with one of the trendy Birchbox subscription boxes, loaded with a plethora of new and sought-after skincare and makeup goodies.

3. The ULTA FLESH Flipbook

The ULTA FLESH Flipbook
Image Source:

If you’re on the lookout for the best Valentines Day gifts for her (where ‘her’ stands for makeup junkie) then nothing will satisfy her beauty craving more than one that has them all – all the blushes, the highlighters and the bronzers, that is. Case in point: the Flesh Flipbook by Ulta, an affordable and trendy choice.

4. The Slip for Beauty Sleep Caramel & Leopard Collection

The Slip for Beauty Sleep Caramel & Leopard Collection
Image Source:

Every beauty fanatic needs her beauty sleep – and if your love lives for a luxurious bedtime experience, check out this two-piece set by Slip for Beauty Sleep: the caramel and leopard pillowcase and sleep mask, crafted from deluxe pure silk.

5. The Matte Revolution Lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury

The Matte Revolution Lipstick
Image Source:

You’re on the lookout for Valentines gift ideas for her and particularly interested in what’s new and hot in the makeup arena (yet have no clue what to look for). If so, discover this fool-proof route: surprise her with one of the hottest bestsellers of 2018 and 2019, aka the Matte Revolution lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury.

Tahitian South Sea Pearl Earrings


Nothing accentuates a gorgeous matte lip like a pair of radiant earrings, Moreover, if you’re all about taking an extra step in order to extend her a truly memorable gift, offer her the must-try lipstick together with a pair of Tahitian South Sea Pearl Earrings in utterly lustrous finishes.

Valentines Day Gifts for the Girl with the Sweet Tooth

No need for elaborate gifts, expensive presents or any of the sorts when you’re shopping for a girl with a serious sweet tooth. For this reason, leave behind the basic heart-shaped chocolate box, as now it’s all about gourmet sweets in the cutest packaging. In addition, these sweet delights are perfect both for gifting as such or accompanying your flowers, jewelry or Valentine’s Day card.

1. The Handmade Rose Gold Rosé Marshmallows

Rose Gold Rosé Marshmallows
Image Source:

Rose gold foil-adorned, lush marshmallows – and handmade at that? We are all IN! These adorably fluffy delights could not look prettier – or more appetizing, facts an avid candy lover will surely appreciate to the max.

2. The Dark Chocolate Champagne Bears by Sugarfina

The Dark Chocolate Champagne Bears
Image Source:

Fluffy teddy-bears as Valentines Day gifts for her are a thing of the past – and so is the classic chocolate box. However, this little gift is the revival of both, now with a gourmet touch and an extra kick in the mix: the Dark Chocolate Champagne Bears by Sugarfina.

3. The Valleybrik Road Shipped Mini Sweetheart Box

Mini Sweetheart Box
Image Source:

Talking about gourmet candy and other sweet treats, this little Valleybrik Road Shipped Mini Sweetheart Box is the perfect gift to accompany your elegant jewelry of choice, for a Valentine’s Day gift to remember.

4. The Sugarfina Sugar Lips Gummies Candy Cube

Sugar Lips Gummies Candy Cube
Image Source:

Yummy alert! Keep it playful and flirty with this cute box by Sugarfina, destined to a chewy candy lover like no other: the Sugar Lips Candy Cube, loaded with extra-sweet pink treats.

5. The Te Amo 9-Piece Chocolate Set by Maggie Louise

The Te Amo 9-Piece Chocolate Set
Image Source:

Deliver your love message in a tropical-enthused chocolate box, complete with the message ‘Te Amo’. In other words, make her swoon with this color-bursting 9-Piece Set by Maggie Louise.

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Romantic Valentines Gifts for Her:  Shopping for the Woman Who Has Everything

You’re on a mission to find the very best Valentines gift ideas for her – but the problem is that your special someone apparently already has everything she needs and desires. Solution: take the creative and romantic route, update your shopping list with these next products and impress her with your gift-giving skills.

1. The Our Moments Couples Card Game

The Our Moments Couples Card Game
Image Source:

Whether you’re still in the early stages or have been together for years, this cute game aims to solidify your bond through the gift of conversation. Admittedly, the Our Moments Couples Game is a bestseller in its niche – and just about the perfect choice when shopping for the girl who has everything.

2. Framed Monogrammed Wedding Vows

Framed Monogrammed Wedding Vows
Image Source:

There’s nothing more romantic than gifting her your message of love and commitment – and this framed monogrammed wedding vows does just that.

3. The Date Night In Book by Ashley Rodriguez

The Date Night In Book
Image Source:

As a book that aims to ‘rekindle the romance at home with a weekly date night, one on one, over an absolutely delicious meal for two’, this little treasure by Ashley Rodriguez is perfect for keeping the fire alive (literally and figuratively).

4. The Love Triangle Rose Quartz by Stoned Crystals

The Love Triangle Rose Quartz
Image Source:

Give her the gift of balance and positive energy! Introducing: this stunning rose quartz crystal in an inviting shade of natural pink, aka the Love Triangle by Stoned Crystals.

5. Pearl Napkin Rings in Ivory and Gold

Pearl Napkin Rings in Ivory and Gold
Image Source:

Discover the latest craze in the wedding décor niche: pearl napkin rings, perfectly complementing pastel hued centerpieces. Regardless if you’re planning to pop the question anytime soon, already married to your love or simply on the lookout for special Valentines Day gifts for her, these pearl napkin rings are truly stunning and perfectly appropriate even when you’re just planning a romantic dinner at home for two. In addition, if you are a skilled DIY-er, there should be nothing stopping you from attempting to make these lustrous accessories yourself, using lovely & radiant pearls.

Shop Loose Pearls


Whether you love the look of Tahitian South Sea pearls, White South Sea treasures or Golden South Sea gems, our collections carry the most beautiful premium quality loose pearls, perfect for custom jewelry and decor pieces.

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