Must-Try Spring Beauty and Wellness Trends

Beauty and wellness go hand in hand. When you take care of your body on the inside, it’s visible on the outside (hello glowing skin, I’m looking at you). While cultivating a healthy lifestyle should be a priority all year round, there’s no denying that the spring season is known to inspire new growth for those who need a little push.

With this fresh start and vibrancy comes the motivation to finally commit to a healthier beauty and wellness routine. If you want a highly effective way to instill a sense of balance in your life, dedicate a chunk of time each day to taking care of yourself.

Spoiler alert: It doesn’t matter how you define or practice self-care. What matters is that you commit to a routine that suits and improves all aspects of your lifestyle, and leaves you feeling happier, fulfilled, and relaxed at the end of the day.

Spring into your best self from the inside out with these three beauty and wellness trends:

Pearl Powder

Wellness Trends
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There’s something about the ocean that makes you feel refreshed. But lucky for you, living by the sea (or being an “actual” mermaid for that matter) isn’t a requirement to reap the benefits of this trending beauty boost: pearl powder.

So what exactly is it? Pearl that is found in both fresh and salt waters is ground into a fine powder and used medicinally. Despite recent popularity, the use of pearl powder in beauty routines dates back to the famed Empress, Cleopatra, who regularly reaped the many health and beauty benefits of this natural medicine.

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If you want to feel (and potentially look) like royalty, incorporate pearl powder into your daily wellness regime. Not sure where to begin? Try adding pearl powder to your favorite moisturizer or sip your way to healthy bliss with a delicious pearl smoothie recipe.

Not convinced? Scientific research provides reliable information on the effectiveness of using pearl powder in your beauty routine and backs up the many benefits it’s known to supply. Some of these benefits include:

  • Resistance to Aging: Pearl powder contains a unique protein that promotes collagen production, which can be used as an anti-aging remedy.
  • Skin Hydration: This trendy powder contains moisturizing proteins that improve hydration of skin cells, similarly to keratin protein in your hair.
  • Natural Product: Pearls are found in nature, making it a sustainable alternative compared to chemical-based products that aren’t always kind to your skin.
  • Mind and Body: It’s even been known to stabilize your mood and reduce stress thanks to its nutrients that contribute to a healthy brain, hormones, and immune system.

Since pearl powder is found in nature, it also benefits the environment. Being kind to both your body and the planet will help you green up your everyday beauty routine and live more sustainably at home. If you want glowing skin and a mood boost, try out this favorite trend.


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At-Home Spa Features

At-Home Spa Features
Image Source: back9ministries.org

If you really want to take your wellness game up a notch, this next trend is for you: install health-promoting spa features in your home. A long-term solution like this provides a relaxing environment where you can easily practice self-care right from the privacy of your own home.

Adding hydrothermal amenities in both homes and residential buildings has soared in recent years. Hydrotherapy can help you maintain a quality wellness routine given its many benefits. Installing at-home spa features can relieve body tension and soothe tight, sore muscles–which is ideal after a long day. The benefits don’t stop there, in fact, hydrothermal wellness practices (like a steam bath or sauna) provide ongoing stress relief that will improve your overall wellness and mental health.

A project like this requires more than merely following a DIY tutorial. Renovating your bathroom or another area of your home to include an at-home spa is a process that involves a lot of planning. Pass the torch to a professional plumber who can help you purchase the right products and ensure everything is installed correctly.

Finding and hiring local plumbers to install spa features in your home can help you avoid injury and potential water/structural damage to your home. A plumbing pro knows how to relocate and replace pipes without wasting water so this wellness upgrade will make you feel good about your eco-footprint (a win-win!). They are also trained in performing and educating homeowners on plumbing solutions, so it’s a good idea to delegate the more significant tasks to them, and reap the health and wellness benefits once the project is completed.

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Prescription Skin-Care

This final trend is precisely what the doctor ordered: prescription skin-care. Developing a consistent skin-care routine is important for maintaining a healthy regime, but finding the fountain of youth isn’t always as easy as purchasing top-selling beauty products at your local Target. For individual and impactful results, consider incorporating helpful recommendations from knowledgeable physicians into your skin-care routine.

Online physicians make it easy to find the right products for your skin type and skin needs as you grow and age. If you’d like to even out your skin tone, reduce fine lines, and remove dark spots, incorporate an anti-aging formula into your routine. A product like this is also a healthier and less time-consuming alternative compared to Botox.

There are so many trending ideas out there to help you improve your beauty and wellness routine. Choose trends that easily enhance your routine and help you stick to healthy wellness practices each day!

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