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Your Ultimate Guide on the Coquette Aesthetic


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The coquette aesthetic is currently experiencing a major revival. In a cultural moment where femininity is being redefined and celebrated in a plethora of ways, coquette fashion’s offer is that of a playful, whimsical yet empowered expression of femininity. Rooted in vintage inspiration and romanticism, the coquette aesthetic embraces delicate details, whimsical flourishes, and a sense of nostalgia for bygone eras.

Hyperfemininity is the core of the coquette aesthetic, drawing its inspiration from Victorian era styles, the 1950s and Rococo fashion. It empowers strong women to recognize their femininity, delicacy and innocence, dispelling the misconception that female empowerment requires adopting masculine characteristics. Coquette embodies an opposing stand to current styles inspired by masculine cuts and aesthetics, including tomboy fashion, power suits and oversized, unisex attire.

In hindsight, coquette is the reversal of the post-French Revolution movement, when women’s fashion underwent a significant make-under – or simplification, a return to basics and utility. The opulent and ornate styles associated with the pre-revolutionary aristocracy were rejected on the basis of symbolizing excess and a more practical and understated aesthetic emerged. Coquette style celebrates the beauty and allure of intricate details, playful embellishments, and romantic silhouettes, offering a delightful contrast to the minimalist trends that emerged after the French Revolution and throughout the last 2 centuries.


What Is the Coquette Aesthetic?

The Coquette Aesthetic is a style that evokes a playful, charming and feminine attitude through clothes and décor, featuring a plethora of dainty and romantic elements including ruffles, lace, pearls, pastel colors, bows and ribbons. It conveys a vibe of traditional femininity with independence mixed in – or, in other terms, it’s a mix of girlcore with a touch of Old French charm.

What Do Coquette Women Wear?

Women who adhere to the coquette aesthetic wear clothes and accessories that exude allure and femininity, including dresses and skirts in A-line or fit and flare styles, pastel colors, vintage pieces, lace, romantic accessories, classic jewelry like pearl necklaces and bracelets, ribbons, silk, heart prints, dainty florals, chiffon and bows, heels, classic and ornate types of earrings, white jewels and pink gemstones, Mary-Janes or ballet flats and dainty handbags. All these are worn with a confident, playful demeanor and attitude. 

When Did Coquette Style Start?

The term “coquette” originates from France, where, during the 17th century, it described women who acted playfully and endearingly in order to gain admiration. However, the concept of coquette fashion gained popularity during the Marie Antoinette (1755 – 1793) era, during which flirtatious and playful elements were incorporated into clothing and accessories. During the Rococo years of the 18th century, elements such as frills, ruffles, pastels and intricate, ornate jewelry pieces were at peak popularity. In the late 2010s, coquette aesthetic started to find its way back into fashion.

Why Is Coquette Trending?

The current popularity and appeal of coquette style is the fact that it offers a playful and empowered expression of femininity. It facilitates women to enhance their traditionally feminine traits, but on their own terms, reclaiming them as sources of self-expression.

What Other Fashion Aesthetics Are Similar to Coquette?

One of the closest aesthetics to coquette style is Dollette, defining an aesthetic that is centered around hyperfeminine fashion and visuals, including florals, soft shades, babydoll dresses, lace and bows, all infused with fantasy historical fashion. Balletcore combines the elegance and grace of classical ballet with contemporary fashion, featuring delicate tutus, soft pastel colors, and ethereal silhouettes. The Girlcore aesthetic is also closely related to coquette in the sense that it shares its favoritism towards expressing femininity through all things charming and whimsical.


Make your bling the star of your coquette outfits by opting for no other than the queen of gems – Pearls. A playful alternative to the classic whites, Pink Pearls are simply giving ‘coquette’ from every angle. Delicate, dainty, in rosy pastel shades, our collection of pink pearls features the perfect jewelry pieces to elevate your coquette outfits.

Elements of Coquette Style

Elements of Coquette Style

Lace, pearls, vintage elements, babydoll dresses, soft pinks and inviting neutrals – coquette fashion is abundantly enchanting and whimsical. Next, we’re looking at the elements of coquette style. From fashion items to accessories and bling, and from the recognizable color palettes to fabrics, here’s your ultimate guide on the main characteristics of coquette style.

Coquette Color Palette

Coquette Color Palette

Coquette colors are highly curated, with a preponderance towards:

  • Pastel shades: pink, peach, rose, lilac, salmon pink, soft terracotta and lavender.
  • Dusty hues and neutrals: dusty purple, mauve, dusty pink, taupe and ivory.
  • Whites and off-whites.

Certain coquette style outfits may include darker shades like black – particularly as accents (ribbons, stripes), and inspired by Parisian style fashion. Black is also used in shoes, such as classic Mary-Janes or cap toe flats. 

Ready to jump on the Coquette train? Start by shopping for the perfect jewelry pieces!

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Coquette Fabrics

Coquette Fabrics

Fabrics play an important role in coquette fashion and they tend to be lightweight, delicate and feminine, adding to the charm and allure of the aesthetic. Some of the most popular fabric choices include:

  • Lace – Used abundantly, both as trims and as overlays, intricate and delicate lace adorns blouses, dresses and skirts in coquette fashion and is predominantly inspired by French patterns.
  • Silk – Loved for its luxurious texture and lustrous sheen, silk is soft, alluring and inviting – all characteristics of coquette fashion.
  • Velvet – While not particularly a lightweight fabric, velvet is equally luxurious and sophisticated and used in jackets, shoes and accessories like bows and headbands.
  • Cotton – Used in peasant blouses (cottagecore inspired), adorned with mini florals and decorated with lace, cotton is another fabric used in a wide range of coquette items.
  • Tweed – Utilized in the creation of classic jackets (see Chanel classic cropped tweed jackets), tweed evokes Parisian style vibes, especially when layered with other quintessential coquette materials.
  • Tulle – From ample skirts to ribbons, tulle is ethereal, whimsical and chic.
  • Satin – Similar to silk, satin is luxurious, smooth, soft and feminine, drapes elegantly and looks alluring when paired with lace, tweed or velvet. 
  • Chiffon – Breezy, lightweight and sophisticated, chiffon is utilized in blouses, skirts and dresses for the warmer seasons. 

Coquette Fashion: Tops

Coquette Fashion: Tops

The Rabanne Off-Shoulder Lace Top

A quintessential lace top is a style staple in coquette fashion. Pair it up with an ample skirt and layer over a soft cardigan in pastel hues, complete with matching platform strappy block heels. 

The Lorelai Cropped Appliquéd Satin Bustier Top

An evening essential, adorned with rose appliques and crafted from silky satin in soft pink, Surely, it doesn’t’ get more coquette-ish than this. Layer dainty necklaces for a romantic-meets-modern vibe.

The Atu Body Couture Pussy Bow-Collar Silk Blouse

Another staple in coquette fashion: statement bow blouses, particularly if they come in silk. This pink silk bow button down is a classic, and made for a pair of high-waist bell bottoms in white. 

The Moschino Ruffle-Trim Pointelle-Knit Cardigan

Knits gone coquette in this ruffled cardigan that doubles as a wear-it-as-it-is top. Add white denims if you want to keep it casual or go full coquette and layer it over a silk slip dress. 

Coquette Fashion: Bottoms

Coquette Bottoms

The BLUMARINE Mini Skirt

A slip skirt that’s elevated, decked with florals and in the candiest pink hue? We say YES! This one from Buemarine ticks all the dollette boxes. 

The Loveshackfancy – Milla Skirt

A casual skirt that works well with lightweight knits (think soft cardigans!) and cottagecore-inspired peasant blouses – this ruffled skirt is perfect for coquette outfits on the casual side.

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The SANDRO High-Waisted Canvas Palazzo Pants

A pair of high-waist white pants is essential for the widest range of coquette outfits. Pair these up with a crop jacket in tweed, a silk top and platform heels.

The Self-Portrait Lace-Panel Skirt

Statement lace and decorative pockets with buttons make this mini skirt the visual interest of any glam outfit, be it coquette, girlcore or dollette. Pair it up with a soft cashmere sweater and ballet flats for a glam-gone-soft girl aesthetic.

The Lace Silk Trousers

Lace, silk and perfect draping – these pants have it all and more for the perfect coquette look. Play them up or down with anything from a ruffle crop to a chunkier knit. 


When aiming to create a coquette outfit, no other jewel has the power to evoke femininity and romantic appeal as much as pearls. Classic. Elegant. Chic – and utterly pearlcore. Shop our collection of Pearl Necklaces featuring classic strands, tincup styles and pearls in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to upgrade your arsenal of coquette accessories.

Coquette Style: Dresses

Coquette Style: Dresses

The Peach Skin French Puff

Make a fuss in a babydoll dress that’s all about volume, soft hues and puff. Peachy tones make this Lolita style frock a delightful staple for your feminine outfits – just add a hairbow and a string of pearls paired with glossy heels and you’re set.

The ZIMMERMANN The High Tide Embroidered Mini in Ivory

Lace, corset structure, layers over layers and an ample skirt make this Zimmerman dress a perfect coquette pick. Wear it with a cropped jacket and sheer knee-high socks with block heels.

The ALBERTA FERRETTI Short dresses

A touch of transparency, silky elements and romantic draping make this frock a great alternative to the classic lace and tweed. 

Self-Portrait Checked Bouclé Minidress

Speaking of tweed, opt for a Chanel-inspired frock in soft pink boucle fabric, perfect for a dolled up brunch in true coquette aesthetic fashion. 

Coquette Fashion: Outerwear

Coquette Fashion: Outerwear

The Cropped Tweed Button-up Jacket

Pair it up with high waist wide leg pants or a ruffled A-line skirt for that Lolita-meets Parisian chic aesthetic. Add a pearl necklace into the mix, be it with round gems or with statement baroque pearls and add a chic hair bow plus a pair of oversized reading glasses a la Light Academia style

The ALESSANDRA RICH Cropped Tweed Jacket 

Another trademark tweed option, adorned with a statement collar, contrasting buttons and a neckline perfect for layering over dresses. Pair it up with a lace springtime frock, a pearl pendant with matching earrings and Mary-Janes or ballet flats. 

The Lirika Matoshi Bow Coat

A statement coat is a perfect choice for cold weather when the aim is dolling up in a coquette style outfit. Grab a luxe overlayer in a soft fabric and pastel pink hue. Accessorize with a silk scarf, a statement bracelet and a matching handbag.

Coquette Shoes & Bags

Coquette Shoes include classic styles that evoke feminine and timeless appeal. These include ballet flats, mules with statement bows, classic Mary-Janes, block heels (with or without platforms), kitten heels and mid heel slingbacks.

Coquette Bags include elements such as ruffles, hearts, bows, pearls and frills. They come in a wide range of materials, from leather to silk and satin, chiffon and faux jewels, brocade and lace. 

Shop our picks:

New Vara Flat Ballerina Shoes / Gianvito Rossi Mary Jane Pumps / Vintage Pink Heart Leatherette Slingback Heels / MACH & MACH Double Bow 65mm mules

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Violet Bow-Embellished Satin Shoulder Bag / Le Coeur Leather Shoulder Bag / Cecilie Bahnsen Umi Mini Bag / Pearl Mini Bag

Coquette Accessories

Coquette Accessories

Coquette Accessories are as straightforward as it gets: pearls and bows galore. From pearl-decked headbands to all the classic pieces like pearl bracelets, pearl earrings, pendants and classic pearl necklaces in colors like white, pink or even gold, the gems of the seas are quintessentially coquette. When shopping for jewelry, go with real pearls, as coquette is unapologetically luxe, so faux jewels are not desirable. Bows decorate hairstyles, handbags and any clothing piece – so grab a few to deck your locks – the bigger and the silkier, the better. 

Shop our picks:

White South Sea Pearl & Diamond Bow Dolly Earrings / Lafayette Bow / 8.0-8.5mm Japanese Akoya White Pearl Necklace / Jennifer Behr Virginia Bow Hair Clip / Pearl Embellished Headband

7.0-7.5mm White Freshwater Double Pearl Bracelet / South Sea Pearl & Diamond Sage Ring / Akoya Pearl & Diamond Michelle Pendant / Heart Barette


Image: InStyle

Inspired by the early 19th-century Regency era, Regencycore embodies sophistication and grace with glamour thrown in the mix. Characterized by empire-waist dresses, delicate lace and soft pastels, it evokes the elegance of Jane Austen’s novels. Accessories like cameo brooches and silk gloves add a touch of refinement, transporting wearers to a world of ballroom dances and genteel society.


Image: Airwear

Dollette style captures the essence of 1950s femininity with a modern edge. Clean lines, tailored silhouettes, and bold colors define this aesthetic. Channeling the glamour of Hollywood starlets, it features hourglass dresses, kitten heels and statement accessories. Dollette exudes confidence and sophistication, merging retro charm with contemporary flair.


Image: Loveshackfancy

Girlcore celebrates unabashed femininity with playful and youthful elements, strongly influenced by Lolita aesthetics. Vibrant colors, cute motifs and whimsical patterns dominate this aesthetic. From frilly skirts and bows to pastel hues and sparkly accessories, girlcore embraces all things sweet and girlish. It’s a style that radiates joy and exuberance, inviting wearers to embrace their inner child.


Image: Loveshackfancy

Cottagecore, a nostalgic aesthetic, romanticizes pastoral life and the simple life. It mostly features natural elements and rural settings, and tends towards flowy dresses, floral prints, and earthy tones. The style often includes vintage-inspired aprons, straw hats and cozy knits, evoking a sense of rustic charm and wholesome living – all through a romantic lense.


Dangly, dainty or discreet, Pearl Earrings are quintessentially coquette. Feminine by definition and unapologetically alluring, they are the perfect final touch to any coquette outfit, be it dollette or light academia-inspired. Browse our collections and find your dream pair of lustrous and timelessly elegant pearl earrings!

Final Thoughts

Coquette Style

Frills and bows. Pastels and ribbons. Lace and pearls. Fact is, the coquette aesthetic certainly doesn’t compromise in terms of feminine appeal – or, to put in in Gen Z terms – girlcore vibes. It’s an alluring mix of traditional femininity mixed with independence, expressed through unapologetically playful clothing and pearlcore accessories. Self-assured, confident, flirty and whimsical – all at once. What’s your favorite thing about this aesthetic? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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