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Zodiac Stones – Fashion Tips to Bring Out Your Best Celestial Self

Zodiac Stones

Last Updated on July 25, 2023 by Carla Jonas

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People have been using a variety of materials to adorn themselves since the beginning of our existence. From the first jewelry carved from bone and rock to handmade, shaped clay strung with plant material or leather, every piece of jewelry tells a story. The stories are not only about our background, but also about social status, history, style, and preferences. While many external factors determine the fashion choices we make (leave the suede at home if rain is imminent!), one thing that humans have done since the dawn of civilization is look to the stars – and this is where zodiac stones come in.

For thousands of years, our gaze into the celestial bodies satisfied more than just our curiosity. The sky served as a narrative, roadmap, and guide to our behaviors, movements, and social choices. The same is true today; the heavens can give us the direction we need to understand why we are who we are and why we behave in certain ways. The zodiac can also help direct our jewelry and gemstone choices, pointing us to those best suited to our personalities, outlook, and energies.

Finding Inspiration in the Stars

Whether you’re seeking added confidence in the workplace, stronger and more passionate romantic relationships, or an innate desire to feel more grounded in a social setting, consider the stars to point you to the right zodiac stones and metals. No matter your astrological sign, each is assigned a stone (or several) amplifying strengths when worn on the body. Crystals, stones, metals, and gems are said to carry specific properties able to call in the energy you’re hoping to achieve. For example, a Libra or Taurus could look to rose quartz to tap into their desire for love.

So what is right for you? From the type of the zodiac stones to color to placement on the body, it all depends!

Zodiac Stones – The Basics


When it comes to finding the best zodiac stones for your sign, don’t get confused with birthstones, which pair to the month you were born. Birthstones don’t often align with your traits and energies you’d like to express most. When it comes to your sign, many stones can resonate and align well, especially for signs that share in the ruling element (fire, water, earth, air).

The more you understand your zodiac sign and the nature of it, the more informed you’ll be to select the right metals and zodiac stones. According to astrological experts, wearing stones and zodiac crystals according to your sign will help you connect more to the fullest expression of your sign. At the same time, they can be both healing and protective, as well as useful in manifesting.

Zodiac Gemstones and Their Diverse Range of Benefits


For example, Libras appreciate romance, harmony, and the finer things in life. Distinguished by the scales, balance is essential. While air signs like Libra spend a lot of their time lapping up social scenes, dropping their intellectual ideas into every discussion, they often forget to keep their feet on the ground and their head out of the clouds. A Libra could wear a ring with a bold black tourmaline that catches their eye amongst the gesticulations of said social moments or in times of overwhelm, bringing them back to Earth. Black tourmaline is said to have calming qualities, bringing the wearer a sense of connectedness whilst dismantling any negative or anxious energy.

A Cancer could build a protective “shell” around their heart, which might prevent them from being open and vulnerable and receiving the love they long for. [They could use] a rose quartz, pearls, or one of the zodiac crystals that help heal and fortify the heart, to provide a sense of safety and allow them to be more receptive.

Whether you’ve only just dipped your toe into astrology or are a full-fledged astro-enthusiast, we’ve put together a great fashion and astrology guide. With the help of astrology experts, we aim to help you go out into the world with the confidence and knowledge you need to do right by your zodiac stones and zodiac crystals.

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Since the oldest times, pearls have been associated with positivity, intuition and serenity. Enhancing the power of the moon, pearl jewelry is believed to stimulate balance and a steady mind, full of harmony. Benefit from the power of the gems of the sea with our Tahitian Pearls, symbolizing the enchanting beauty and power of nature. Browse our collections featuring birthstone earrings, pearl pendants, necklaces, bracelets and June birthstone rings to find your dream piece!

Meet Our Experts

The AstroTwins

Ophira and Tali Edut are professional astrologers who reach millions every month through their site ASTROSTYLE. They are also the official astrologers for ELLE and have appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show and also been covered in the New York Times, People Magazine and Vogue among others. The sisters have read charts for celebrities including Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder, Karlie Kloss, Alicia Keys, Emma Roberts, Sting and many others.

Ambi Kavanagh

Ambi Kavanagh is a Reiki master, astrologer, sound healer, life coach and the host of the podcast Alchemy with Ambi. With a unique focus on using astrological cycles and the seasons as a form of coaching, she considers herself a modern-day alchemist who serves as a catalyst for positive change in people’s lives. Her first book, Chakras and Self-Care, is being released on August 25 2020 by Penguin Random House.

Courtney O’Reilly

Courtney O’Reilly is a New York City–based astrologer and founder of Vibrant Soul Astrology. Zodiac Signs: Taurus with Sterling Ethos is Courtney’s first book and she has been featured in such publications as Women’s Health, Well+Good, and The Dispatch and has worked with partners that include Planned Parenthood, Maha Rose, Capsule, and Garmentory.

Susan Miller

Susan Miller is an internationally known author, columnist, entrepreneur, publisher, and pioneer of the Internet. Founder of which debuted in December 1995, Susan Miller and her site is considered an authority in the field of Western astrology and is read avidly by 11 million unique readers a year. Susan is the author of 12 astrology books, writes monthly columns for six international fashion magazines and publishes monthly forecasts on her website and on her app, “Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone + More by Susan Miller”

Your Fashion + Zodiac Sign Guide



Zodiac Stones: Diamond

Color: Red

Associations: Determined, Passionate, Self-starting

On the body: Head

With fiery Mars being ruler of the Aries ram, find the bright bold reds that suit you. Pull focus around the head and face with a bright red lipstick and statement hair pieces. Diamonds slash through those chaotic Aries moments bringing clarity of mind so add some sparkle to a beautiful headband or beret for a whimsical night out. Diamonds also bring luck and wealth to the wearer, turning heads with the promise of more good to come.



Zodiac Stones: Emerald

Color: Green

Associated with: Elegance, Stability, Persistence

On the body: Neck

Taurus rules the neck and its colors are associated with the light greens of early spring. Susan Miller also recommends “investment jewelry”, perfectly matching Taurus’ desire for security and timeless elegance. Another great pick for Taurus? Chokers. Consider a stunning chain with an emerald placed neatly in the center. Classy and to the point.



Zodiac Gemstones: Agate

Color: Yellow

Associated with: Clever, Communicative, Inventive

On the body: Arms, wrists, shoulders, clavicles

Gemini is spritely and energetic. The sign is also associated with yellow and citrus and does well with news-breaking trends and swift slow slow fashion moves informing the masses. Geminis are best when accessorizing with their arms (encompassing everything from the wrists to the shoulders and clavicle). Slip a string, or two or three, of agate beads around your wrist to help rejuvenate harmony and healing while navigating the ups and downs. And don’t worry, they come in a multitude of colors to suit every Gemini.



Zodiac Stones: Pearls

Color: Shades of white

Associated with: Wisdom, Sensitive, Nurturing, Emotional

On the body: Decollete and stomach

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Cancer is ruled by the moon and takes style direction from it and the sea. While shades of white serve cancers best, think of shades found in seashells to accessorize with as well. Miller recommends shades such as smoky gray, tea green, pale pink and powdery blue. Pearls (including freshwater pearls and saltwater gems, as well as mother of pearl) are considered lucky for all wearers, but line up especially for Cancer signs to serve them well. Courtney recommends wearing “a pearl necklace to enhance your natural luminosity.”



Zodiac Stones: Ruby

Color: Purple, Scarlet, Gold

Associated with: Royalty, Passion, Courage

On the body: Heart and spine

Leos are most associated with royalty — they wore what “commoners” couldn’t and made sure to show it off. Let that inner lion roar in the throes of high fashion, dramatic choices, and bold colors. And because Leo rules the spine (as well as the heart), consider a backward spin of a long chain necklace that slinks down the back showing off that back.



Zodiac Gemstones: Jasper

Color: Deep and dark greens, pale blues and grays.

Associated with: Subtlety, generosity, organization

On the body: Fingers

Virgo lacks the ego Leo has and is all about servitude and gift giving. Too many choices can lead to overanalyzing, so keep it simple and subtle. Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury, owns the hands, so play with unique rings or even a few bracelets. Stick with deep greens, pale grays, navy and teal to make the perfect statement. Pair with a dainty floral pattern on a glove, maybe even your phone case, and you’re ready to go. And because mercury rules the hands, focus on your fingers and opt for subtlety. Small flowers and design accents also work well when it comes to accessories such as scarves and will help you stand out as a Virgo.



Zodiac Stones: Sapphire, Opals, Rose Quartz

Color: Pastels, Pinks, Blues

Associated with: Loyalty, balance, beauty

On the body: Skin, butt, lower back

Ruled by the planet of love, Venus, Libras are a romantic and festive bunch— think weddings, an unforgettable night out — if it’s pristine, it’s for Libras. Able to pull their inner beauty to their arguably already beautiful surface, they present the best of themselves to the world. Charming and intellectual Libras’ finest colors, as recommended by Miller, are those of a rococo dining room, pastels, icings, pinks, and pale blues. Accessorize with the real thing, 14K gold, a gifted sapphire ring (gifted to themselves is still a gift) – because a conversation starter is always a win.


Zodiac Gemstones: Topaz, Citrine, Sodalite

Color: Black, Burgundy, Boldness

Associated with: Desire, intimacy, awareness

On the body: The sexy bits

Scorpio is the sexiest of the signs and loves dark, rich, deep colors. Scorpios are much more private so when you want to dress for your sign, you may not necessarily want everyone to know it. Pair lingerie with your night out or dress for the occasion even if you’re just home with your sweetheart. You could even use a leopard print to show off that figure, and get to it, Scorpio.



Zodiac Stones: Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise

Color: Rich blues, saturated tones

Associated with: Travel, nostalgia, discovery

On the body: The thighs

Sagittarius is the wanderer and traveler. They want to know where they come from but the journey is what this sign is all about. They love discovering new things and places so let the adventure take hold in the accessories. Consider pairing new with vintage, as long as it brings back memories. Royal blues, lapis lazuli, and turquoise are the colors and stones of choice for Sagittarius. For other accessories, opt for stripes and chevrons.



Zodiac Stones: Pearls, Garnets

Color: Neutral colors

Associated with: Ancestry, timelessness, health

On the body: Knees

Capricorns are most adept at making the traditional feel modern, especially with a twist. Vibing off their history and ancestry, we recommend looking for old family jewelry, brooches, pearls, or other jewelry that spans generations. As for colors, look for neutrals, white, black, chocolate brown, butterscotch, or gray.



Zodiac Stones: Amethyst

Color: Hot pink, deep neon blue, fuchsia

Associated with: Edginess, the unexpected, creativity

On the body: Shins and ankles

If you’re looking for the next “It” thing, look no further than your Aquarius comrades. They are the originators and ones most likely to turn heads. They’re bright and hard to miss with their striking neon colors and interesting pairings. Aquarius’ do best when they make unexpected choices and pair contrasting styles, accessories, making it all their very own. Anthracite gray pearls work best here as well as bright, neon jewelry and colors. Go forth and shine, Aquarius!

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Zodiac Stones: Moonstone, Bloodstone

Color: Violets and blues

Associated with: The ocean, romanticism, simplicity

On the body: the feet

Pisces rules the feet and the deep underwater. When it comes to colors, Miller pointed to Monet’s famous Water Lilies painting — find your guidance in those violets, blues, turquoise, deep and dark blues, greens, and purples. While Pisces are most associated with water and the sea, dive deep, as they are quite the romantic. Soft lace also enhances Pisces’ dreaminess. Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet in the mystery that is Pisces.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Fashion mojo: shine like a star! There is a lot to play with when it comes to pairing accessories and dressing for your Zodiac, especially when you get into the nuance that is astrology. Sun signs are a great base when looking to find the right stones for your zodiac, but don’t fret if you don’t feel connected to a designated stone. Courtney recommends “taking a look at the gemstones for both your Sun sign and rising sign to start working with gemstones in alignment for you. Then build and grow from there as your understanding of your natal chart deepens.”

Fashion Inspired by the Stars

Humans are a medley of personalities wielding varying degrees of each zodiac across our natal charts (which are available online). In the same way, stones are also able to blend and transmit their charges to all of the signs. If you’re feeling drawn to a certain color or stone, look into its ties and benefits for your sign (sun, moon, ascendant). Fact is, there may be a beautiful pearl of knowledge waiting to be found. If you’ve got that strong Taurus nature, taking time to really decide if a luxe piece of jewelry is right for you, get your hands on a simple stone and keep it in your pocket. Take it a few different ones for a test drive and learn which best resonates with your desires. Whatever your sign is, the possibilities are there. Have fun experimenting which varieties work for you.

To further develop that keen sense of dressing to align with your astrology, look to the sky. The Astro Twins encourage us to “accessorize to meet what’s happening in the sky above, in line with the planetary movements.” Whether it’s the turn of a new moon or season, use these seasonal and astrological events to guide your fashion choices. Ambi recommends wearing some selenite or quartz for healing and releasing at a Full Moon or cleansing or resetting at a New Moon.

Above all else, remember that it’s all quite personal. “Start with your personal astrology,” Courtney says, “and build from there as you learn more.”



Whether your zodiac sign is Cancer or simply love the timeless beauty of the gems of the sea, Akoya Pearls are the epitome of classic pearls. Crisp-white, luscious and unmistakable lustrous, they make great jewelry pieces that carry the amazing beauty and powers of Mother Nature.

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