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How to Wear and Style Black Pearls

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From dainty pieces paired with elegant frocks to surfer-chic styles for a casual summer look, there are many ways to incorporate the gem of the sea in your daytime or nighttime outfits. White pearls carry a timeless versatility that allows them to be stylishly worn regardless of the occasion – but what about their darker, mysterious counterparts? Black pearls, or, more precisely, Tahitian Black Pearls are a gorgeous, iridescent alternative to your crisp white pearls – and like the classic whites, they can too exude versatility and timeless elegance.

With their impressive range of shades, including warm hues like copper brown, as well as icy shades of blue and grey, plus iridescent mixes in peacock tones, black pearls have a lot of offer in terms of color – not to mention shape and luster. Fact is, Tahitian Black pearls are some of the more valuable gems of the sea out there – and that is partly due to their rather impressive side, as well as color variety. If you love the intense glow of black pearls, and would love to incorporate them in your outfits, here are a few quick ideas on how to create a sophisticated, yet modern look.

Check out our quick ideas to help you get started – and keep on reading for their detailed version below!

How to Wear Black Pearls

  1. Match the outline of your neckline to the design of your black pearl necklace.
  2. Try out the stackable rings trend with a few statement black pearl rings combined with gold tone pieces.
  3. Opt for a minimalist look with dainty chains and solitaire black pearls.
  4. Make a statement with a pearl necklace worn on the back, in true 1920s fashion.
  5. Pair your bikinis with a pearl jewelry set featuring large, dark pearls and gold metallics.
  6. Opt for the surfer-chic look with a leather pearl choker.
  7. Choose pearls set on leather or rope in combination with other gems for an eclectic, daytime look.
  8. For a powerful look in the boardroom, opt for a black-on-black look with a multi-layered pearl necklace.
  9. Before you get shopping, make sure you have a basic understanding of pearl qualities in order to make the best decision. Watch our video below for more info:

From the Office to the Beach – Black Pearls Styling Ideas:

The Drop Cut: Following the Neckline

Black pearls neckline
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There’s a simple rule you can follow whenever you’re struggling with finding the perfect match for a specific décolletage – and that is to always follow the neckline. Pair up a round neckline with a choker black pearl necklace and opt for a drop design for a dress that features a bateau design with a plunging detail. The result: a put-together, polished look that can’t go wrong, regardless of the pearl color you’re sporting. And especially if you’re wearing black pearls, a light colored outfit in white, cream or pastels will look very chic against darker pearls when following this simple rule.

Rings, Rings and More Rings: Trying out the Stackable Trend

Black pearls rings
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The stackable trend is not exclusively reserved to minimalistic and sleek, dainty rings. In fact, pearls are coming in strong as one of the most versatile gemstones – especially when it comes to rings. Whether you opt for large or small Tahitian pearls, in blue or grey overtones, make sure to incorporate a few pearl rings in your stack the next time you’re sporting this hot trend.


Tahitian Black Pearls come in the most stunning range of tones, complete with irresistible iridescence that captures any light. Whether you love the look of peacock-hued pearls, gems that shimmer in shades of blue-green or even copper or silver, our collection of Tahitian Pearl Rings features the finest pieces of jewelry, designed to be cherished a lifetime. Pair them up with cocktail frocks, academia outfits and your daily smart-casual ensembles for that elevated touch of radiance.

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Dainty, Solitaire Designs – Go the Minimalist Route

Solitaire Black Pearl
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Versatility is an understatement when you’re opting for a simple solitaire pearl jewelry design, be it a bracelet or a pearl necklace. While the classic strand of pearls is definitely one of the staple jewelry pieces of any collection, minimalistic, modern designs such as the solitary pearl bracelets are experiencing a major moment in fashion currently. White pearls are a great choice if you are looking for something more traditional, but if you’re shopping for a piece that’s got a modern feel and that can be successfully paired with edgier looks, black pearls are definitely the way to go.

The Flapper Approach: Make a Backless Style Statement

Black Pearls Back
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Channel the chic flapper era with an out-of-the-box way to rock those black pearls – namely, in the back. The roaring 20s were certainly full of creativity in terms of fashion and the full range of necklace lengths was in vogue – the more expressive the garments and the bling, the better. Making a fab entrance at the cocktail party is certainly on the agenda when you’re pairing a backless frock with a long pearl necklace worn on your back.

Black Pearls for Beach-Ready Sun-Kissed Skin

Black Pearls Bikini
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There’s something magical about the pairing of sun-kissed skin and intense, black pearls. Regardless if these come in shades of silver, dark peacock green or in copper overtones, pairing them up with your beach-ready bikinis can only lead to fab results. If you are looking for ways to incorporate black pearls into your beach arsenal, opt for modern pieces set in gold or silver-tone finishes and opt for either choker necklace lengths or long, dangly pieces. A matchy-matchy look is definitely welcomed when you are sticking to simple designs following minimalistic aesthetics.

Vacation Mood on: Black Pearl Leather Chokers

Black Pearls Choker
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Speaking of chokers, there’s one type of the neckpiece that’s currently trending, even in men’s fashion – and that is the black pearl leather choker. Perfect for the beach or as the go-to accessory to grab and go while you’re on vacation, the solitaire pearl leather choker is a unique way to bond with nature, while enjoying all its beauty, sunbathing, swimming and relaxing. But the choker options don’t stop there. Meet the surfer-chic aesthetic, perfect for an avid beach goer or a wanderlust spirit. If you’re wearing a one-piece swimsuit, stick to a solitaire pearl necklace at a choker or princess length. And, if you’re rocking a triangle bikini bra or sporting a low-cut neckline, a long, dangly piece you can wrap around multiple times looks best.

loose pearls


Crafting your casual-meets-bohemian necklace is easy and fun with our new collection of Loose Black Pearls. Whether you go for a single pearl design or a drop and dangle style that features multiple iridescent black pearls, opting for a premium quality, mesmerizingly glowing pearl is the way to go.

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Casual Black Pearls with Rope or Leather

Casual Black Pearls
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Master weekend style effortlessly and stylishly with the help of black pearls – namely, the high & low pairing of radiant, natural pearls and a more casual leather or rope string. White tees, sweaters, casual tops and even hoodies work perfectly with this eclectic piece of jewelry, especially when paired with denims: either skinnies, flared or shorts. Pairing up pearls with other types of gems is also a creative, unique idea that can allow you to rock your favorite gemstones during your off, no-fuss days as well.

Black on Black: Multiple Layers for Instant Drama

Black Pearls Office
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If you’re looking for a way to rock black pearls at the office and you’re on the hunt for more unique ideas than the classic single strand necklace featuring Akoya pearls, here’s one look that will surely make an impact. Go all in on the drama by sticking to a black palette and pairing a black blazer or dress with dark, iridescent pearls, worn in multiple layers. Whether you are wearing multiple necklaces or using your ultra-long strand of black pearls wrapped around multiple times at princess length, this look is a definite winner.

Where to Wear Black Pearls

Black Pearls at the Office

Pearls have been recognized as a veritable symbol of power and authority in the business world – and simply taking a look at the world’s most powerful women validates this very fact. As the female equivalent of the red power tie, pearls denote poise, confidence and a self-assured personality, with a serious dosage of authority and success in the mix. In an office environment, pearls manage to transmit the very same vibe: one of power and gravitas – and that goes for white, golden or black gems.

But there’s something uniquely strong and poised about black gems specifically, especially when paired with a power suit in a matching desaturated tone. If you are looking for a jewelry piece that denotes a mix of sophistication and authority, dark shades of black pearls are the way to go, especially if worn in multiple layers. If, on the other side, you love a simpler, more graceful look, opting for lighter shades of black pearls, such as silver or grey and sticking with single strands is the best option. In a more casual environment, opting for less traditional pieces is a great alternative, especially if you go for tin cup jewelry pieces that add a modern vibe to the classics. Moreover, if you are looking for a black pearl jewelry piece that will stand the test of time and perfectly work in a wide range of occasions, then black pearl earrings (from studs to danglier alternatives) are a great option.

Tahitian South Sea Baroque Pearl Dangling Tincup Earrings


Find your dream piece of jewelry featuring dainty chains and gems of the sea including Tahitian and Freshwater Pearls in our Tin Cup Jewelry Collection. Whether you’re shopping for earrings, bracelets or necklaces, tin cup jewelry perfectly merges modern design with the most timeless gemstones, in mesmerizing iridescent finishes.

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Black Pearls at the Beach / on Vacation

Beautiful pearls and beautiful beaches go hand in hand – so much so, that simple, quaint pieces of jewelry featuring solitaire pearls are a staple of summer fashion. From surfer-chic leather necklaces to dangly chokers and sleek, glossy jewelry pieces for a more glam beach look, the options are endless. And when your love for pearls is as deep as the sea, why limit yourself to the traditional pieces of jewelry (rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces), when you can literally adorn yourself in your favorite gem? Discover pearl body jewelry, pearl anklets and everything else black pearl, all designed to metamorphose you into a veritable mermaid. There’s nothing quite as quaint and whimsical as a dangling pearl anklet, worn with bohemian sandals on romantic walks on the beach.

Black Pearls at the Cocktail Party

Few jewelry pieces are as elegant as a classic strand of pearls when attending a cocktail party – especially if the event is on the formal side. Simply, put, you can’t go wrong with pearls or mother of pearl – and the traditional whites are not the only kind this fact applies to. A refined choice: an elegant strand of black pearls, featuring almost-round pearls in similar sizes. Alternatively, if you are looking for a more modern choice, opt for a classic design in off-round, Baroque pearls that instantly add personality to any formal frock.

If the event you’re attending is less formal and more on the creative side (say, a gala opening), opting for a less conventional pearly look is recommended. Opt for statement pieces, pieces worn in alternative ways (such as on the back, paired with a backless dress), opt for large, distinctive gems or create an artful mix and match of jewelry pieces, resulting in an eclectic aesthetic.

Whether you’re all for summer style all year long, on the lookout for power-infused jewelry pieces for your chic office outfits or aiming for a posh cocktail look, black pearls are one of the best options out there. Less predictable than their white cousins, enigmatic and iridescent in any light, black pearls have the power to transform any type of outfit, from daytime, casual attire to evening gowns and business suits.

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