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Tips to Help You Choose the Right Accessories for Prom Night 2018

Sweet Pink Round Toe Flat Sheepskin Pearl Prom Shoes

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What to wear to prom has been one of the hardest questions for most young women coming-of-age for generations now. The confusion is real given the plethora of choices available to choose from when it comes to which prom dress to wear. But even after you make that life-changing choice, you’ll need to choose the right accessories for prom night.

Tulle Mermaid Prom Dress Embellished with Pearls
Tulle Mermaid Prom Dress Embellished with Pearls. Image Source: Sposa Dresses

How to Choose the Right Accessories for Prom Night

Most prom dresses, I must say, are fashionable these days. Finding the perfect dress for prom is only half the battle. You have a lot to worry about, from the perfect shoes to rock, to the right hairstyle, to the right jewelry to compliment your look.

Before you start thinking about prom accessories, makeup, the shoes to wear, and the hairstyle, have in mind the color and style of the dress that you plan to wear. Whether you choose to wear a long prom dress or a mini dress, make sure that it is far from basic. The idea is to ensure you sparkle and shine on prom night 2018.

You can choose to go with classic shines of silver or gold depending on the dress that you choose to wear to prom. Either of these can be added with one or a few rhinestones that match perfectly with the dress.

However, balance is very key when you’re determined to choose right accessories for prom night. I know you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree! Some pieces of jewelry that are sure to create a balanced look include:

Choosing the Right Accessories for Prom

Your choice of jewelry should mainly depend on the glitters on your dress. If your dress has sparkling embellishments, such as pearls, or other details go for jewelry of the same sheen and color tones. However, if your dress is glitter free, go for any sparks of your choice.

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Prom Headbands & Tiaras

Prom Crown
Prom Crown. Image Source: Pinterest

Choose a prom tiara that matches your hairstyle, dress, face and the other accessories. The right prom accessories will make your look elegant, sophisticated and romantic.

A chic tiara that is discrete will look amazing for those with long hair and even those with short cuts. If you don’t want to wear a tiara you can alternatively consider a sequined hairpiece or a jeweled headband.

Prom Earrings

Stunning Bobby Pin Earring for Prom
Stunning Bobby Pin Earring for Prom. Image Source: Pinterest

Earring choices mainly depend on the details around the top of your dress and your hairstyle. If your prom gown comes with heavy decorations and embroideries around the neck and shoulder area, choose delicate and small earrings. On the other hand, wear larger sparkling earrings if your gown is made of a classic strapless design with details.

Ensure that your hairstyle does not compete with your earrings. They should complement each other perfectly. For instance, if your hair is in thick curls, pick earrings that can hold and stand out on their own.

Wear your hair simple with minimal accessories if your earrings are glittery and glamorous. It is worth noting that, you can put a more dramatic hairstyle if your earrings are simple and clean. However, don’t overdo the hairstyle otherwise you will distract the look of your dress.

If your prom dress is dull or has a neutral color, invest in colorful earrings. They will brighten your look. Match the tone of your earrings with the dress color if you choose to wear shouting hues.

Prom Necklaces

Crystal & Pearl Body Back Necklace
Crystal & Pearl Body Back Necklace. Image Source: Etsy

There are two types of necklaces that are always a hit at the prom:

  1. Maxi collars with lots of rhinestones and glitter
  2. Delicate choker necklaces with pearls and other gems
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Whichever you choose to wear balance it perfectly in terms of length and size. Long necklaces are best when worn with dresses that have a deeper neckline while the short necklaces are best with dresses that sport a higher or straight neckline.

A glitzy necklace goes well with a strapless dress with a straight neckline. This look is perfect if you have discrete earrings.

Pay attention to the details on your dress. Don’t add any jewelry on the neck area if your dress has a lot of decorations around the bust.

Prom Bracelets

Elegant Rose Wrist Corsage Set on a Pearl Bracelet
Elegant Rose Wrist Corsage Set on a Pearl Bracelet. Image Source: Pinterest

A sophisticated bracelet with genius finish makes your look balanced and sleek. Detailed dresses require simpler bracelets.

Balance your necklace, your bracelets, and rings. If you wear heavy necklace choose some delicate rings and bracelets. Avoid too flashy necklaces and rings if your intention is to use a wear a heavy bracelet.

Another thing to consider when choosing the bracelet to wear is the size of sleeves. Bracelets are not the best option when wearing a long sleeve dress.

Prom Rings

Hand jewelry like these pieces are the just right accessories for prom 2018.
Hand jewelry like these pieces are the just right accessories for prom 2018. Image Source: Pinterest

Rings are always welcome on a prom night, especially if they are of a discrete design. Just as the necklaces helps to provide harmony and balance, so do your prom rings.

Let your look depict balance in terms of size, colors and details. Then accentuate your look with rings that take your look over the top. Delicate rings enhance a feminine and romantic look for young ladies headed off to prom.

Prom Clutches

Prom Clutch Bag
What a Gorgeous Prom Clutch Bag. Image Source: Pinterest

Clutches are designed to bring out that elegant and extra feminine look. The choice of the style and color of the clutch bag depends mainly on the dress and other accessories.

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Go for models in soft silver or gold to match the metallic part of your prom jewelry. Carry a clutch with a strap if you are wearing a bracelet. The clutches are also good for drawing attention to your wristlet.

Prom Shoes

Sweet Pink Round Toe Flat Sheepskin Pearl Prom Shoes
Sweet Pink Round Toe Flat Sheepskin Pearl Prom Shoes. Image Source: Pinterest

Formal flats are great for night events like prom. If you choose to wear flats, make sure you focus on rich embellishments and flossy details.

Skimmers with appliques such as bows, sequins, rhinestones and pearls are some shoes to try out for Prom. Sandals with fancy buckles and metallic colors are also magnificent for your prom night affair.

It is always advisable to balance your earrings, hairstyle and necklaces well. If they happen to compete against each other, I promise it’s going to be suicidal-crazy.

Balance your accessories well and have fun. Be sure to choose the right accessories for prom. And, don’t forget the pearls!

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