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15 Last Minute Prom Tips: The Checklist You Need to Follow

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Last Updated on February 12, 2019 by Kiesha Joseph

Are you worried about prom night going off without a hitch? Do you long to have the most memorable prom, yet you have run out of ideas to make your night the best ever? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are some last minute prom tips that will ensure that your prom night is fun and flawless.

Last Minute Prom Tips: Prom Night Photograph by Claire Demos
Last Minute Prom Tips: Prom Night Photograph by Claire Demos. Image Source: The Chicago Perch

15 Last Minute Prom Tips: Commandments to Make Your Night a Hit

Use these 15 last minute prom tips to make sure you don’t forget anything on your special night.. from makeup to underwear, from hairdos to pictures:

  1. Do not try anything out of the ordinary. Don’t wear makeup that you have never tried before on your prom night. For the ladies who have a sensitive skin, trying new makeup products is not a genius idea. The idea is to look amazing and comfortable. Trust the makeup that you have been using. I’m sure you will good in the camera.
  2. Have a prom pictures backup plan. This is necessary because the weather may certainly decide to spoil the party in the middle of the event. Make sure you have a Plan B to protect your hair so you won’t look a mess on your prom pictures.
  3. Acquire waterproof makeup. It’s probably going to be windy. This might make your eyes water and in turn, destroy your prom makeup. Bear in mind that you are going to dance also. It really gets hot on the dance floor. You are definitely going to sweat. Your prom photos will not look so hot with your destroyed makeup. Get a waterproof liquid liner, and make sure your foundation is waterproof too. If possible wear all waterproof makeup, otherwise your mascara will be running down your face and all your foundation will be gone in no time.
  4. Powder yourself down. If you normally experience chub rub make sure you put on or bring baby powder to the prom with you. What is chub rub? It’s a painful and awful rush that is brought about by the rubbing together of the thighs. Make sure you take precaution because with all the dancing that comes along with prom, rubbing your thighs together is almost inevitable.
  5. Go matte with your lipstick. You want your prom makeup to stand out, but not take away from your classy look. The shimmer of a matte lip gloss will reflect perfectly off the flash of the photographer’s camera. Matte lipsticks are also more long-wearing than the regular ones.
  6. Do your eye shadow before doing your foundation. Doing your eye shadow first will give you more freedom for mistakes, especially if you are using many dark colors or glitters. If you do your foundation before doing your eye shadow, put an extra loose translucent powder under the eyes and make it noticeable. Once you finish adding your eye shadow, use a fluffy brush to swipe away all the extra powder.
  7. Practice makes perfect. Do you intend to do your hair and makeup yourself? Then do trial runs for hair and makeup. It’s best to try them out first before prom night. If you have little or no knowledge at all about makeup and hair, this is mandatory. Also, if you are planning to do false eyelashes, make sure you get lots of practice. Your trial runs will help you decide on the best look for your prom ahead of time.
  8. Choose the bra to wear to prom wisely. What type of bra you wear to prom, or wearing no bra all, complements your prom dress. You may go with chicken cutlets, jelly boobs, double-sided tape or a strapless bra to give your prom dress a bustier look. Figure out which bra is best before your big night. Adhesive bras are not the best because you are going to sweat a lot. If you are planning to rock a low back dress, the backless bra is usually the best.
  9. Choose the perfect jewelry and accessories for your prom dress. If you cannot find the perfect prom accessories to go with your dress, try making them yourself. There are many DIY jewelry and accessories you can make to finish up your look. The most interesting thing about making your own jewelry is that you can customize everything to suit your needs. Also, you don’t have to worry about wearing the same jewelry as someone else, your DIY prom jewelry pieces will be 100% unique.
  10. Carry along a clutch to the prom. Don’t worry about having to carry the clutch around all night long. It will pretty much sit on your table throughout the night. Your prom clutch can carry lipstick, keys, money, double-sided tape, baby powder, and any other personal effects.
  11. Carry with you a pair of slip-on flats or flip flops with you. Trust me, you may not be able to handle the dance floor hype in your heels until the sun comes up. You may have to take them off at some point. And that’s when your flats will come in handy.
  12. Eat something and drink lots of water before going out for prom. I’m saying this because prom food is not always the best. Sometimes it may get terrible and it could be messy. Also, water is crucial to avoid dehydration. You will sweat a lot dong all that dancing and you can get dehydrated if you don’t drink lots of water to stay hydrated.
  13. Don’t shy away or be afraid to eat in front of your date. If you’re hungry on prom night, eat until you’re full. Ask for that extra plate if you need to. And enjoy that mouth-watering dessert to the fullest.
  14. Take as many prom pictures as possible. Before and during prom, take every kind of photo you can, including prom selfies. Make sure that all your friends are featured in your album of prom photos. These photos will always remind you of the special time you spent with your friends on prom night.
  15. Finally, DO NOT drink and drive. Even if you have only had a beer or two and you are feeling fine or slightly buzzed, don’t get behind that wheel. Also, DO NOT be driven by someone under the influence of any drug or alcohol. There are a lot of after prom parties you can attend. So make the right choice. If you can’t find a sober person to take the driver’s seat, call for backup. You should already have emergency contacts prepared and ready to come to the rescue. Remember safety always comes first. Don’t endanger your life or someone else’s either.
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Awesome Last Minute Prom Tips for 2018

Prom Night Party
Prom Night Party. Image Source: GBK

Make sure you have fun on prom night. Stay stress-free, and stay away from trouble and unnecessary drama. Remember, prom is not going to be all the way perfect. But it can be close to it with the right preparation.

Relax and avoid running around in circles trying to make everything work perfectly. The most important thing is the memories you will make on prom night. Be sure to turn to these last minute prom tips to help keep things in order. And don’t forget your prom accessories!

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