How to Organize Your Perfect Pearl Theme Wedding for an Elegant Affair

Pearl Wedding Theme Ideas

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Tired of weddings that have the theme of, well – white? Themed weddings are all the rage, and there are some amazing styles you can include. One style that has been very popular is, as expected, vintage. Want to stand out and stay elegant at the same time? Skip the carnival and opt for the perfect pearl theme wedding, starting with pearl-theme bridesmaid proposal gifts and a matching engagement ring.

Pearl Wedding Theme Ideas
Pearl Wedding Theme Ideas. Image Source: Chefs At Work NY

Don’t worry, themed weddings are all the rage, and there are some amazing styles you can include. One style that has been very popular is, as expected, vintage. So much so that there are sub-genres of the style that are further developed to be as unique as possible. Adding pearls to the theme of your wedding is the perfect way to show your unique bride appeal.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Pearl Theme Wedding

The beautiful sheen of pearls will look luxurious. You will have so many ways to apply the theme throughout the nuptial event. So let’s see some ways you can create this perfect pearl theme look for your wedding day:

Pearl Themed Wedding Venue Decorations

Perfect Pearl Theme Wedding Decor in Purple
Perfect Pearl Theme Wedding Decor in Purple. Image Source: agbara

For starters, your venue can be decorated with pearls all around. You can get plastic pearls quite cheap in big bulk, and they are so subtle that it won’t be overpowering, no matter how many you use. Try putting them in clear vases with flowers, or simply in tall glasses as decorations on the tables.

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At the entrance to the venue, you can place a pearl bead curtain, so that your guests get a taste of the theme from the very beginning. You can wrap lanterns, eating utensils, napkins and bottles in threaded pearls to add some glam to the tables. But the pearls themselves aren’t the only way to follow through with the theme.

When choosing tablecloths, go for ones that are pearly white, and the same goes for chair covers and curtains. Remember that you don’t have to stick to white, because pearls come in all different colors, including the very elegant black Tahitian pearl.

Pearl Themed Wedding Announcement

Vintage Wedding Invitation Embellished with Large Pearl Brooch
Vintage Wedding Invitation Embellished with Large Pearl Brooch. Image Source: Pinterest

Announcing your theme isn’t always important, but it is crucial in cases when you want your guests to be part of the theme, dress a certain way or if you just want them to know what to expect.

You can announce your theme through your engagement photos, by dropping hints to your friends and family or simply through your choice of wedding invitations. Choosing ones that have a pearly shine on the border, or placing them into pearl envelopes is a great way to subtly announce the theme.

Or you can drop in pearl bracelets, earrings and cufflinks for your guests to wear on the big day (high-end faux pearls work too). They will appreciate the gift, and you will know that they will wear something pearly thanks to your pearl-themed wedding invite.

Choosing the Look for Your Pearl Themed Wedding

Don't these bridesmaid look amazing wearing chunky pearl statement necklaces?
Don’t these bridesmaid look amazing wearing chunky pearl statement necklaces? Image Source: Pinterest

One of the easiest ways to incorporate pearls is through your outfits. From the satin material of the dress, tie or vest to the jewelry, you can really incorporate it into every single detail.

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If you don’t want to go overboard, you can simply give your bridesmaids some pearl jewelry that goes well with the dresses they are wearing, and the groomsmen can have cufflinks or brooches.

For the bridal outfit, you can choose a dress that has pearl details on the straps, belt or bodice, or go with a simple dress and accessorize with a pearl hairpiece to hold your veil. You can even find shoes that feature pearls, if you want to opt for something like that.

If you have your hair up and a dress with a simple top, then hanging pearl earrings are a beautiful, minimalist and elegant choice.

Pearl Themed Wedding Day Food

The Perfect Pearl Theme Wedding Cake: Midnight blue and pearls wedding cake.
The Perfect Pearl Theme Wedding Cake: Midnight blue and pearls wedding cake. Image Source: Elegant Wedding Invites

Incorporating pearls in food is easiest to see on the cake. Using sugar pearls as decoration is very common, even if it’s not a pearl-themed wedding, so just mentioning this to your cake decorator will be enough to get you a great-looking cake. But you can incorporate it into the rest of the menu as well.

For example, serving the ice in small pearl-like spheres will make all the drinks look like they are full of small pearls – though in that case it’s best to use frozen drinks instead of water so the drinks don’t get diluted. For savory dishes, you can serve rice in small balls or stick with the theme and serve some shells.

The Perfect Pearl Theme Wedding Keeps Your Planning on Track

Having a theme to your wedding means that you always have a default setting when you’re not sure what choice to make, and helps everything look cohesive. All too often, weddings are simply a mix of all the different things that the bride and groom like, without any connection between them.

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And this is why a theme is so useful for threading through all the different aspects of this big day. Happy wedding day!

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