7 Must Have Accessories for the Millennial Groom of Today

Wedding Bow Ties are Great for Today's Millennial Groom

Today’s Millennial groom is a unique character nothing like grooms of the past. Some take their brides last names. And most are very active in the entire wedding planning process these days. We have tips to keep them looking stylish on the day of their nuptials.

7 Accessory Tips for Today’s Millennial Groom

Millennial grooms should use these tips to make sure they look stylish and trendy on their wedding days:

1.  Today’s Millennial Groom: Adding Cashmere

There is nothing that says luxury on your wedding day better than adding cashmere to your groom attire. Cashmere is a super light wool that is perfect for a sweater instead of a vest or cummerbund.

Brunello Cucinelli peak lapel linen sport jacket, cashmere v-neck sweater.
Brunello Cucinelli peak lapel linen sport jacket, cashmere v-neck sweater. Image Source: Pinterest

As seen here, there are many ways to wear a sweater and what better way to stay warm during a winter outdoor wedding than having this under your tuxedo. Cashmere is light, warm and weather resistant. So, if it begins to rain or snow during your nuptials, you’ll be able to continue unhindered while everyone else runs for the canopy.

2. Today’s Millennial Groom: Beard Bling

Millennials and beards go hand in hand. For your wedding day, you may consider wearing bling in your beard to celebrate your love for your spouse. And you’ll look cool at the same time.

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Viking Beard Pearls and Hair Decor for Men.
Viking Beard Pearls and Hair Decor for Men. Image Source: Pinterest

Consider using real pearl clip-ons inside your beard to show glittering pearlescence as you say your vows. They are easy to apply and easier to remove. Pearls come in different sizes and colors, so you can be creative and make a caliopy out of your beard.

3. Today’s Millennial Groom: Bow ties or Ties?

For today’s millennial groom, it’s all about being different. What could be more different than wearing a bow tie instead of an old regular tie that your father used to wear to work every day?

Wedding Bow Ties are Great for Today's Millennial Groom
Wedding Bow Ties are Great for Today’s Millennial Groom. Image Source: Gay Weddings

Bow ties convey a sense of fun as well as sophistication. Just like the more The Kingsman: The Golden Circle, you can have the confidence of a secret service man. There are many types of bow ties, from pre-tied to clip on. And different ways to tie bow ties, from Diamond point to the Butterfly to the Batwing style. Either way, your bow tie will bring a sense of fun and confidence to your wedding day.

4. Today’s Millennial Groom:  Cufflinks

Cufflinks at a wedding are a tradition that is still in style today. And Millennial grooms can create their own styles with the right cuff links. From black pearl cufflinks to silver roped cufflinks, you can choose your own style that fits your personal passion.

White and blue freshwater pearl cufflinks for men.
White and blue freshwater pearl cufflinks for men. Image Source: Pearl Shed

If you’re excited about helping the environment, there are bamboo cufflinks that are handmade and support third world businesses. You may even choose to truly personalize your cufflinks for you and your groomsmen with particular sayings like, “Property of the Bride”. Whatever you choose to do with your wedding cufflinks, they are an essential part of your millennial style.

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5. Today’s Millennial Groom: Shoes Have It

Shoes are such a versatile way of expressing your own personal style at your wedding. You may decide that you want to go traditional and walk down the aisle in standard Oxford leather brown shoes. Or you may decide that boat shoes are much more comfortable and fun.

Groom Wedding Shoes & Accessories
Groom Wedding Shoes & Accessories. Image Source: Smart Groom

The key is to choose wedding shoes that will compliment your outfit as the groom. If you’re going traditional with a tuxedo and cummerbund, you may want to stick with traditional footwear. Or you may decide that you want to slightly go outside the box and wear blue suede shoes.

If you’re planning a beach wedding, then you’ll want to choose sandals or shoes that can easily traverse the sand. A mountain top wedding may require you wear your hiking boots to get to the place where you’re saying your vows. Be sure to choose the shoe that makes you feel comfortable and are easy to stand in for a long time.

6. Today’s Millennial Groom: Belts or Cummerbunds

Traditional edicts usually mean you have to wear a tuxedo with a cummerbund or vest. But, today’s millennial doesn’t need to stick to these old ways. You can just as easily wear a nice leather belt or fabric sash that will go well with your cashmere sweater and pearl laced beard.

Groom and Groomsmen Wearing Multicultural Kente Scarves as a Sashes.
Groom and Groomsmen Wearing Multicultural Kente Scarves as a Sashes. Image Source: Bridal Musings

The standard is that if you are wearing dark shoes, you should probably wear a dark belt. So if you’re wearing sandals at the beach, consider wearing a light colored cloth belt. Whether you wear traditional attire or non-traditional wedding clothes, consider how you will hold up your pants during the ceremony.

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7. Today’s Millennial Groom: Watch the Watch

The final touch to your groom accessory should be your watch. This is the symbol of your manliness and should reflect your love and greatest passion. If you love luxury and voluptuous living, then consider getting a nice Armani Exchange smart watch.

Men's Armani Exchange Smart Watch AX2003
Men’s Armani Exchange Smart Watch AX2003. Image Source: Watch Shop

It exudes luxury and seconds as a smart watch,  wirelessly connecting to your smart phone, either apple or android based. The watch keeps time accurately based on that connection. If you’re into the outdoors, consider the Garmin Tactix. It boasts a highly sensitive GPS unit as well as altimeter, and will automatically sync with your Garmin devices.

This list of seven groom accessories for your millennial wedding will help you create your own style and make your special day memorable for you, your bride and your wedding party.

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