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How to Plan a Perfect Destination Wedding on a Low Budget

Destination Wedding

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The wedding is an institution that gives a new meaning to the togetherness in the lives of couples. But, not everyone has the finances to afford a lavish, over-the-top, expensive destination wedding.

Nuptials bestow a sense of strength to fulfill shared responsibilities for the next generation and to start a new life on a positive note. So, in order to set a harmonious tone and to tread a blissful path in the coming time, destination weddings are widely being undertaken by the couples.

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Beach Formal Wedding. Photo by Jeremy Wong on Unsplash

Wedding Trend for 2018: The Perfect Destination Wedding

Planning a wedding away from home seems a romantic and attractive proposition. This practice is on the rise. It is not just refreshing for newlyweds but also provides a good getaway for guests.

However, it might be tempting to plan such a wedding. But, to execute it successfully to the last possible details is not a cakewalk. This is especially true when you have a limited budget.

You need to address the organizing, planning and arranging parts very carefully. Surely, a destination typically seems on the expensive side. But, you can try a few tips to pull it off comfortably.

7 Tips to Planning a Wedding Far From Home

Here are a seven tips for planning an awesome destination wedding on a really tight budget:

1. Discuss the budget thoroughly

Whether you’re planning on opting for Hawaii, Italy or New Zealand, step 1 is always the same: discuss your budget. Since the budget is going to dictate everything, you need to sit down with your family and friends and decide on an approximate expenditure for the wedding. Create a list of things and activities that correspond to highest and lowest prices. This includes food, flowers, entertainment, rental fee, etc…

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Destination Wedding
Destination Wedding. Image Source: Flickr

The travel costs, hotel costs and the costs that are going to incur on your guests can fluctuate. There are certain one-time items that seem totally unnecessary. These can be removed from the list. For example, there is no need for limousines, if you’re working with a strict budget.

2. Know your location

Since it is a destination wedding, the venue becomes one of the most important elements in your scheme of things. There are numerous locations around the world that are very popular and therefore flooded with tourists or couples.

For example, Caribbean, Italy, Switzerland, Hawaii, Mexico, and Thailand are the desired destinations. But for a low budget, you just need to first consider your geographical location and then find the ideal places that are nearest to you. This will cut down the travel costs significantly.

Moreover, seasons also play an important role in your preferred wedding destination. Just try to search those locations where competition is high and resorts are larger at relatively cheaper prices.

3. Plan ahead and make bookings in advance

You need to plan as early as possible in order to save yourself from the last minute rush. There will be time and flexibility to make purchases with discounts. Plan in a DIY activity event in order to get help making invitations and other wedding-related accessories. This is the time when you want your friends by your side.

Create these unique Pink Pearls Bracelets for your bridesmaids to wear at your wedding.
Create these unique Pink Pearls Bracelets for your bridesmaids to wear at your wedding. Image Source: Wonderful DIY

This is a great wedding planning tip for grooms too! Planning ahead will give you an opportunity to create DIY groomsmen liquor labels for your favorite bottle of wines. These can be given to your wedding guests.

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4. Prioritize important things

Spending mindlessly on everything is not going to help. You need to prioritize the aspects that are most important to you. Cut certain areas and increase spending on others. While food is very crucial for such events, you need to make sure that it will not be wasted either. Consider including the dishes that are most likely be enjoyed by your guests.

Also, prioritizing doesn’t necessarily mean deliberately cutting the costs. It all depends upon how arrangements are done. Do it tastefully, so that no one can notice something is lacking.

Furthermore, if you have confusion, you can hire a wedding planner. It may sound expensive initially, but the fact is, they are the experts who can reduce the cost of planning your destination wedding.

5. Consider the timing

Timing is also going to make a significant hole in your pocket if left unconsidered. If you plan to travel during holidays or spring break, you will end up paying more. You need to set your date as close to the off-season as possible.

women festive weddings
Photo by Tom Pumford on Unsplash

Just find out the peak season of your desired destination and try to avoid it. Try to avoid festivals and special events. This mean emptier planes and resorts, i.e. cheap prices for you.

6. Check out for best travel deals and packages

If you are traveling a long distance, before booking the tickets, just find out whether the fares are likely to rise or drop. You can also look for special destination wedding packages that offer good discounts for the guests as well. It would be a nice idea to find an all-inclusive resort that provides wedding packages.

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Since a large group of people is a good deal for any hotel or resort, you can leverage this situation. Ask for group discounts and get as many perks as possible.

7. Use a minimal wedding décor

The main purposes of a destination wedding are to go to a place that has a different culture, climate and locales. You want a place where your spouse and guests will have an opportunity to step away from usual things and enjoy new surroundings.

A wedding planner can help you with details like floral arrangements and table decor.
A wedding planner can help you with details like floral arrangements and table decor.

Therefore, in such a scenario, there is no need to splurge money on décor. When you choose a wedding venue that has spectacular views and stunning sceneries, you can minimize your costs on decorations.

Organizing a destination wedding may make you a little bit warn out. But, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create memories that will last for a long time to come. So, make it enjoyable for you and your guests.

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