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The Best 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas and Party Planning Tips

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Traditionally known as the pearl wedding anniversary, your 30th wedding anniversary deserves all the attention it can get. After all, you’ve got a lot to celebrate – you’ve created memories spanning over three decades, your kids are probably all grown up and you’ve built a solid relationship. 30 years of marriage is a major milestone, so a festive celebration is definitely due! Read on for the perfect traditional anniversary gifts for her,  the best gifts for parents, top romantic anniversary ideas, plus a look at the meaning of the pearl milestone.

Pearls – The Symbols of the 30th Wedding Anniversary

Long-lasting and ever-growing, the 30th anniversary signifies a deep bond, a solid relationship molded by experiences and perfected in time – similar to a pearl. As the traditional symbol of the 30th anniversary, pearls (from the white variety to black gemstones like Tahitian Pearls) represent everlasting love, purity and grace. After all, pearls are strongly connected with the idea of love. The legend says that Cleopatra herself crushed a large pearl, then drank it, in a gesture meant to show Marc Anthony her everlasting love.

Similarly, if you’re sticking with tradition, there’s no doubt about it: pearl jewelry is the go-to gift for this major milestone. But if you are also on the hunt for ideas for a present with a modern twist, make sure to keep all these in mind:

  • Traditional 30th Anniversary Gift: Pearl
  • Modern 30th Anniversary Gift: Diamond
  • Gemstone: Pearl
  • Flower: Lily
  • Color: Green


Symbolizing elegance and tradition, pearls are the ultimate 30th anniversary gifts, as well as the traditional birthstone for June. Elegant. Lustrous. Memorable. Discover our collection of Top Bestsellers, including premium quality pearl necklaces, baroque pearls, studs and dangle pearl earrings, June birthstone rings and pearl bracelets in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. Browse our varied assortment of anniversary jewelry, including classic designs, double pearl necklaces and bracelets and GIA certified pearl necklaces to find your perfect pearls!

30th Anniversary – What You Need to Know

What is traditional gift for 30th anniversary?

The traditional 30th anniversary gift is pearls, which is why pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets and rings are the most popular gift choices for ladies. The traditional 30th anniversary gift for men include pearl tiepins or mother of pearl cufflinks.

What is the symbol for 30 years of marriage?

The 30 year anniversary is known as the Pearl Wedding. Long-lasting, solid and signifying a strong bond, the 30th wedding anniversary is represented by the symbol of wisdom, purity and love: the pearl.

What do you give your husband for 30th anniversary?

Traditional gifts for men on the 30th anniversary include the symbol of the milestone: pearls. Special gifts include pearl tiepins, pearl or mother of pearl cufflinks and mother of pearl watches.

30th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

A Timelessly Elegant Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace as 30th Anniversary Gift

When talking about gifts for her, it doesn’t get more traditional than pearl anniversary gifts. A beautiful pearl (or more) is the classic 30th wedding anniversary gift. Plus, it makes a great addition to her jewelry box. Delight your loved one with a stunning pearl necklace featuring classic white South Sea pearls, aka the most valuable gems of the sea available on the market. Classic. Elegant. Charming.

A pearl necklace offered on this special occasion is the perfect heirloom piece to be passed to the next generations of lucky wearers. And, if you really want to enhance her glow, opt for a classic combo for the pearl wedding anniversary: diamond anniversary gifts enriched with gems of the sea such as Akoya pearls or South Sea. If you’re opting for diamond jewelry like a diamond ring, make sure it features a stunning pearl as well. To find out more about pearl color options, watch our video below.

Our Pick: The 9-12mm White South Sea Pearl Necklace-AAAA Quality


Find your dream pearls in our premium collection of Pearl Necklaces. For a timelessly elegant look, a classic strand is the top choice, while single pearl necklaces are the right pick for a modern, minimalist look. If looking for a 30th wedding anniversary gift, have your pick from traditional white, soft pink, peach, silver, black or gold pearls and classic or modern designs, all at 70% off retail prices.

Black Pearl Earrings

Black Pearl Earrings as 30th Anniversary Gift

If classic whites are not her style, aim for the perfect anniversary gift for her combo: pearls and diamonds. When it comes to anniversary gift ideas, this combo is the ideal merge between traditional and modern. After all, who can resist classic diamond jewelry adorned with precious gems of the sea? It works if you are sticking with a traditional theme, but the black pearls give it a modern touch. White gems might be the go-to choice for most, but nothing compares with the enigmatic charm of Black Tahitian Pearls for an added touch of mystery to an evening look. Stunning settings for dangly earrings include white, yellow and rose gold, each glamorous in their own way. To complete the gift, browse meaningful and unique anniversary cards for that special final touch.

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Our Pick: The Tahitian South Sea Pearl & Diamond Serena Earrings

White South Sea Pearl Necklace


There is no better way to surprise your special someone on your 30th wedding anniversary than with a gift they can enjoy and cherish forever. The Pearl Source’s Pearl Necklaces come in the widest range of colors, pearl sizes and lengths, catering to every customer and all special occasions. Chose from our many types of necklaces: Japanese Akoya Pearls to accompany a power suit, Freshwater pearls for subtle, radiant charm, or Golden Pearls, ideal for a formal event. Pearls make ideal 30th anniversary gifts, as well as fantastic gifts for grandma and bridesmaid proposal gifts to celebrate important milestones.

Mother of Pearl Accessories

30th anniversary gift shell clutch

Pearls are the classic go-to choice for the 30th anniversary – and the next in line is their mother – literally. Mother of pearl is currently trending, which works in your favor when on the hunt for the perfect iridescent nacre gift. Avoid the faux mother of pearl and shell items on the market and go for the real thing when shopping for your love. Whether that’s a mother of pearl serving bowl, a slim belt with a nacre buckle or a chic shell clutch, ideal for destination weddings on the beach – your other half will definitely cherish it.

Our Pick: The Shell Clutch Macabebe

Pearl Powder Beauty Products

Pear Powder as 30th Anniversary Gift

When classic pearls feel a bit too predictable for your tastes, then opt for an alternative gift that is still traditional, but with an unexpected twist: pearl beauty products. There is a wide range of pearl items on the market, just perfect for your special day. Pearls, pearl powder and everything else pearl, from highlighters to face masks are currently giving the beauty industry an upgrade. Join the craze and delight your loved one with a must-have pearl powder beauty product channeling the magic of freshwater pearls. Bonus points: it promises to offer that iridescent glow of the treasure of the seas.

Our Pick: The BECCA Pearl Glow Luster Glow Powder

Golden Glam Pearl Bracelet

A traditional gift doesn’t have to mean an unsurprising gift. If you’re aiming for gift ideas that bring on the shine, brilliance and dazzle, this next pearl anniversary gift is a catch. One of the traditional anniversary gifts for her, but with a modern spin. For once, forgo the classic rounds and whites. If you’re shopping for a lady who loves surprises, aim for ‘unique’. Instead of the classics, embrace the golden glam of South Sea Pearls in one-of-a-kind baroque shapes.

Our Pick: The 10-11mm Baroque Shaped Golden South Sea Pearl Bracelet


Your other half deserves the best. The very best. For your 30th wedding anniversary, offer her the gift of glamour, accompanied by a card with a heartfelt message. Golden Pearls have the power to transform any outfit with a glamorous dose of shine and warmth. Timeless. Glamorous, Mesmerizing. The best pearl wedding anniversary gifts that stand the test of time: Golden Pearl Necklaces, Bracelets, different types of Earrings, Pearl Rings and Pendants for a memorable evening look that will not go unnoticed. Golden pearls make stunning gifts, whether you are shopping for your wife or parents. Alternatively, for a truly memorable celebration, opt for golden pearl engagement rings.

30th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

A Mother of Pearl Watch

Mother of Pearl Watch

When shopping for pearl anniversary gifts for him, stick with the classics. Neutral tones, versatile pieces and timeless elegance simply can’t miss the mark for your 30th anniversary. This unique piece respects the traditional theme (aka pearls), but it isn’t expected. He probably already owns a staple everyday watch, but how about an anniversary special piece featuring mother of pearl. It’s elegant and it adds a subtle shimmer to a day-to-night look.

Our Pick: The Tag Heuer Carrera Mother-of-Pearl Watch

A Golden Pearl Necklace

Celebrating 30 years of marriage calls for a touch of sophistication. Elevate his dapper appeal in one go with a unisex golden pearl neck piece. Suitable for weekend wear and casual daytime looks, a solitary pearl necklace makes a unique style statement. A classic 30th anniversary gift for an equally classy 30th wedding anniversary.

Our Pick: The Golden Baroque Pearl Leather Necklace

An Elegant Mother of Pearl Accessory

Mother of Pearl Pen

Some of the best gift ideas are the ones your other half will get to use every day. From the anniversary presents for him that stand the test of time collection: a classic fountain pen in a luxurious finish. Upgrade his office supplies with a gorgeous mother of pearl pen – the kind of git he can use for years to come. Meticulously built, strong and resilient – this gift is just like your long-lasting relationship.

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Our pick: The Laban Mother of Pearl Fountain Pen

A Single Pearl Bracelet

Meet the perfect accessory for a smart-casual look that’s effortlessly trendy, fresh and timeless. For a gentleman with a flair of jewelry and accessories, it doesn’t get any better than this. For your 30th anniversary, delight your husband with a pearl bracelet, perfect for layering with leather bracelets or a daytime watch.

Our Pick: The Tahitian Round Pearl Rubber Bracelet

A Minimalist Pearl Tie Pin

Pearl Tie Pin

30 years of marriage need to be celebrated in style. Some of the best gift ideas are no-fuss. Streamlined. Classy. Elegant to no end. Stylish husbands deserve equally stylish wedding anniversary gifts. Starting with, you guessed, elegant accessories. For your pearl anniversary, upgrade his formal suit with the perfect tie pin enriched with a crisp white pearl, ideal for nighttime attire, weddings and special occasions – like your anniversary party.

Our Pick: The Sophie Breitmeyer Tie Pin with Pearl

30th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents & Couples

Iridescent Pearl Photo Frames

When shopping for your parents or a couple celebrating their 30th anniversary, the décor / home isle is the best place to start. Special memories need to be shared – and the best way to help the happy couple do so is with the help of elegant photo frames, crafted from iridescent mother of pearl. 30th anniversary gifts don’t need to be over-complicated or overly expensive – and an iridescent pearly touch goes a long way.

Our Pick: The Pottery Barn Patchwork Mother of Pearl Frames

Coasters in Pearly Finishes

If you’re hunting for the perfect gift for parents that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, settle on mother of pearl. Upgrade their tablescape game with a set of nacre coasters, ideal for the couple who loves to host. Alternatively, pair up your present with a set of gorgeous cutting boards to match the elegant 30th anniversary theme.

Our Pick: Mother-of-Pearl Coaster Box Set

Unique Pieces of (Pearly) Art


Not too thrilled about mainstream gifts for parents? No worries. 30 years calls for a making a major statement, so feel free to get creative. Handmade and personalized gifts (like personalized jewelry) are definitely a great choice when shopping for your parents or the couple who has it all. For an artsy couple, don’t be afraid of thinking out of the box and opting for a unique gift that makes a statement.

Our Pick: The Anniversary Pearl Wire Tree

A Unique 30th Anniversary Gift: Pearl Napkin Rings

Pearl Napkin Rings

A 30th anniversary gift to remember: elegant napkin rings. Talking about an elevated tablescape, gift the lovely couple a set of pearl napkin rings, perfect for their anniversary party ahead. Perfect as gifts for parents, napkin rings add that touch of elegant glam to their dinner parties. And this beauty comes adorned with two pearls in a sleek yellow gold finish. The verdict: a modern 30th anniversary present with a spin on the classics.

Our Pick: The Kim Seybert Napkin Rings in Ivory and Gold

Pearl Glaze Finishes

Pearl Glaze Anniversary Bowls

If you’re not opting for traditional pearls or natural nacre, you can still gift the happy couple a memorable present by choosing pearly finishes. Anything that comes in the classic ivory or pearly white hues, complete with that pearly iridescence makes a great 30th anniversary gift. Start with handmade ceramic bowls, a set of gourmet knives or a new shimmery memory box in a beautiful pearl finish.

Our Pick: The Pearl Glaze Anniversary Bowls

How to Throw the Best 30th Anniversary Party

The Best 30th Anniversary Party
Image Sources:,,,,

Whether you’re planning on renewing your vows, looking forward to a lovely evening with your loved ones, celebrating your marriage or you’re decided on organizing a surprise anniversary party for your parents, the 30th milestone definitely deserves a festive celebration. From finding the perfect 30th anniversary gift to the party, a pearl theme is all you need to make it memorable. It’s settled: opt for a pearl anniversary party. Let the gorgeous pearls be your inspo and go for a glam white (or alternatively, ivory) party with additional pastel shades of blush pink and a touch of greenery. Think iridescence. Think elegant glam. Pearly hues. Glow. Sparkle. All accompanied by the mandatory lush blooms: lilies.

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A Pearl-Themed Anniversary Party:

  • The Aesthetic: A modern theme with a touch of glam & whimsy
  • The Color Palette: Ivory, white, blush, natural green & pops of gold
  • The Flowers: Traditional 30th anniversary lilies
  • The Tablescape: Mother of pearl serving plates, pearl napkin rings, matching coasters and lily centerpieces in slim vases
  • The Cake: Simple, elegant, decorated with sugar pearls
  • The Centerpieces: Delicate lilies in ivory hues
  • The Venue Décor: Ivory candles, pearl fairy lights and crisp white balloons symbolizing pearls

Keep our To Do List at hand and stay focused on the things that need your attention prior to the fabulous festivities.

30 Years Anniversary Party Checklist:

  • First thing: decide on the date and time
  • Consider your budget
  • Select your venue
  • Select your theme and shop for your party products
  • Write down your guest list
  • Design and send out the invitations
  • Decide on catering and drinks
  • Decide on the entertainment & music
  • Book a photographer
  • Schedule speeches and toasts
  • List the order of events

Creative Entertainment Ideas for Your 30th Anniversary Party:

  • A slideshow of your best wedding moments
  • Playing (and dancing on) your wedding song
  • Booking a caricaturist
  • Opting for a photo booth with fun props
  • Creating a photo collage with your best memories together
  • Having the guests sign a creative guest-book
  • Anniversary party games

Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Your 30 Years Milestone

A milestone as big as your 30th needs a proper celebration. You’ve decided on the perfect gift and had fun at your anniversary party with friends and family. If you are settled on spending some extra quality time with your one and only, here are a few romantic anniversary ideas that will help you celebrate your 30th anniversary in style:

  • Hop on a cruise and enjoy the blue seas
  • Rent a cottage on the beach and enjoy a relaxing long weekend
  • Take an exotic trip and visit a pearl farm
  • Go out for a seafood dinner
  • Join a cooking class or have a cook-off at home
  • Write a love letter to each other
  • Spend the evening reminiscing down the memory lane
  • Recreate your first (or your best) date together
  • Take a boat trip at sunset
  • Recreate your wedding night menu
  • Book a photo-shoot for just the two of you
  • Try a new adventure or hobby together
  • Head out for a spontaneous road trip and stay at a charming hotel
  • Renew your vows
  • Revisit the memory box from your wedding. From your photos to that romantic wedding favor box you kept all these years, there’s lots to remember about your Big Day.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it: everything from the best anniversary gifts for him, the most elegant 30th anniversary gifts for her and the perfect gifts for parents. Moreover, a range of fun anniversary ideas to do and plan for your 30th milestone. Plus, tips on planning the anniversary party of your dreams. Above all, make sure to fully enjoy the special event with your loved ones!



A special wedding anniversary gift carries a personal touch. Design the jewelry piece of your dreams for that special anniversary with our Pearl Moments Collection. Customized to perfection and catered to the wearer’s needs and desires, our collection allows you to create that one-of-a-kind heirloom jewelry piece. Enjoy life’s biggest moments while wearing nature’s finest gems. Elegant, refined and simply unique – the perfect addition to anyone’s jewelry box.

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