Guest Post: Pearl Party Experience

Parties on Facebook live? How awesome is that?
“Feeling pearly with Ash” hosted by Ashley Webb is a pearl party that happens on Facebook live. Here her audience gathers to watch as hosts open up oysters to reveal a different kind of pearls.
Pearl Party
Ashley Webb is a Vantel Pearls Consultant. She has been one for three months now. When she started the pearl parties, they were more of Mary Kay or in-home parties. Eventually, Facebook live came around and took over.
The party hypes up when the oysters are opened. The main purpose of the pearl parties is to sell pearls that are revealed to the audience straight from an oyster. Ashley gets up to 3500 viewers in just one evening.
What happens at the parties
An oyster is purchased by a viewer. It is then opened by the party host. On opening, a pearl with a surprise size and color is revealed.
Opening the oyster is free. What you put in it is what is charged. You pay for the setting which costs from $21 to $140.
At her parties, it is more of connecting with each other and getting something unique. Ashley’s audience is a community of different people from around the country. The pearl party is an exciting way to collect pearls that only you will have.
Where do the oysters come from?
The Better Business Bureau says the Vantel oysters are from Japan and the South Pacific. The oysters are grown specifically for pearls.
Quality of the pearls
Mary Gwin is a certified gemologist appraiser at Roberson’s Fine Jewelry in Little Rock. She says the pearls are freshwater pearls. Hence they are of a lower quality than pearls in a reputable jewelry store.
The reason for the difference in quality is:
• Pearls from reputable jewelry stores have been cleaned and matched up with other pearls. Mary explains that one has to go through thousands of pearls to get those that match in color, hue size, and luster.
• The longer a pearl has grown in an oyster, the higher its quality.
Therefore, if you are looking for a pearl for fun then the pearl party is for you. Nevertheless, if you are in search of an heirloom then the pearl party may not be the place to get it. Unless you are a professional with pearls and can tell the difference in their qualities.


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