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Are Pearls a Symbol of Good Luck?

Last Updated on August 24, 2023 by Carla Jonas

The romantic and magical beauty of pearls always has attracted lovers of jewelry and women, and for many years have adorned them in various ways. For some people, a must-have gift item is a pearl, which is given as a symbol of affection and pure love, as well as good luck.

Because of the pearl’s unparalleled beauty, it was a tradition amongst ancient Greeks to provide them as wedding gifts and their ownership was thought to be an indication of sacred love and a happy marriage. This belief still is prevalent amongst many people. Queens and Indian Maharajas always decorated themselves with precious pearl jewelry and the Chinese and Hindu culture, within ancient times, always thought of pearls as an indication prosperity, health, and love. Most believed that it was a tear from the Goddess of Heaven which nurtured inside an oyster’s womb.

Also, pearls include the birthstone of those who are born within the month of June.

Ancient history informs us that Egyptians once buried them along with their dead. The famous Cleopatra queen, reportedly dissolved one pearl in a wine glass and consumed it, just to win a bet with Marc Anthony.

In the Roman Empire the beautiful, natural gems were thought to be the ultimate symbol of prosperity and wealth. Also, they were treasured as a special symbol of having great wealth.

There are other lucky stones which people often carry around for good luck or to ward off evil spirits. And that is a huge moneymaking industry based on such ancient beliefs and traditions by all types of palmists, astrologers and Tarot card readers.

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Pearls possess their own special beauty of translucent white color brilliance and a lustrous appeal. Unlike precious gems and diamonds; they’re a timeless fashion piece and always are in high demand.

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