6 Wedding Planning Tips for the 20s Something Bride in You

Wedding planning tips for the 20s something bride.

Planning a wedding for a woman in her 20s is very different than planning for other age groups. You need wedding planning tips specifically for the 20s something bride. That’s because your challenges are a bit unique. You’ll want to cater to guests of all ages at your wedding and reception. However, you want your friends, who are generally in your age-group, to have an amazing experience too!

6 Wedding Planning Tips for the 20s Something Bride

Before you start signing contracts with wedding planners and vendors, make sure you put a few things in perspective. This will make implementing your wedding plans a whole lot simpler once things get going… for everyone involved. Here are six wedding planning tips to help the big day run smoothly for the 20s something bride:

1. Wedding Planning Tip: Remember Your School Friends

Most brides in their 20s still have friends in high school. Some may even be in technical school, college or graduate school. So, be sure to choose a date that won’t inconvenience the students in your life as a 20s something bride.

The 20s something bride has very unique needs when planning her wedding.
The 20s something bride has very unique needs when planning her wedding.

For example, having a mid-April wedding will create challenges for friends attending college out of state. If you really want these friends at your wedding, you’ll need to pick a date during some sort of break time, such as spring break, winter break or summer break.

Even then, people may already have plans. So, it’s impossible to pick a date that makes it possible for everyone to attend your nuptials. But, keeping school calendars in mind will make it possible to at least get your besties from school in attendance.

Keep in mind that there are people on your list of VIP guests who are related to you with tricky school schedules also. Just try to work around them as best you can. You don’t want an empty wedding because most of your cousins and various other members of your family can’t attend.

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2. Wedding Planning Tip: Provide Multiple Hotel Referrals

If you will have guests coming in from out of town for your wedding, you should have hotel accommodations already in place. Speak with local hotels, lodges and bed and breakfasts. Try to see if you can get discounts for renting multiple rooms at the same resort.

In a perfect world, you’ll be able to get all your wedding guests to stay at the same hotel. But, keep in mind that some of your 20s something friends are still going through the shock of taking over their own bills. And, those credit card bills can be steep.

So, you want to provide your guests with choices in pricing. From the most basic, clean motel rooms to high-end resorts, you want to accommodate guests on all price levels. But, to be sure your 20s something buddies don’t break their banks, give them a reasonably priced choice as well.

Keep in mind there will be many other expenses they’ll have to worry about when traveling out of town to come to your wedding to celebrate you as a 20s something bride.

20s something bride looking up with pride.

3. Wedding Planning Tip: RSVP is Not the “Norm”

There was a time when everyone followed traditional wedding etiquette rules. But, these days, that’s fading right out of the picture. It’s always been considered tacky to not RSVP, then come anyway, or bring a date after sending the RSVP with no +1 on it.

But, not everyone understands the importance of an RSVP. And, many of your younger wedding guests have no understanding of the purpose of this invitation response process. Not knowing how many people plan to show up at your nuptials means could lead to disaster.

This means not having enough food to feed your guests. Many will go home without party favors. There’s not enough seating or room at your venue to add more. You need to have a pretty specific idea of how many guests you’ll have on your special day in order to plan accordingly.

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You can save yourself some stress on your wedding day by putting in a little work after the invitations go out. It’s customary to give people a week or two to send those RSVPs back. Although, nowadays, most are done online.

Keep a spreadsheet of your wedding invites. After a couple of weeks, start sending out follow-up emails and making follow-up phone calls. You should contact each person who has yet to respond to your wedding invitation with an affirmative “yes or no.”

And, keep in mind that some will ask to bring a +1. If you have room, go for it. However, if you don’t, be prepared with a polite, scripted response.

4. Wedding Planning Tip: Paper is Still the Better Choice for Weddings

Most brides-to-be have wedding websites these day. They use wedding apps and hashtag generators to get people on their sites and engage with them. This is an effective way to notify wedding party members and guests of nuptial updates and changes, especially for a 20s something bride.

But, there’s still nothing like actual paper, something people can feel and touch. This is the best way to make sure people get important information about your wedding. And, that’s especially true for your older guests, who generally don’t use the Internet as much as your younger friends.

20s something bride with white veil and pink flowers.

Family and friends your age will appreciate being able to check your wedding website regularly for updates. They know how to use cookies and cell phones to jump on and off the site with ease. But, your older relatives just may be completely lost.

5. Wedding Planning Tip: Plus One is a Privilege

You don’t have to allow every single wedding guest to bring a +1. The more guests you have, the higher the cost of the wedding itself. Many of your friends aren’t married yet. So, with that said, they don’t all require the privilege of bringing a date to your wedding.

Now, you know which friends are married, living with someone, or are in long-term, serious relationships. Of course, you’ll expect them to want to bring their significant others. You’ll find that many of your single friends will consider bringing dates. But, you’re not obligated to oblige.

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Instead, explain that you do have a wedding budget to protect. And, your guest list is not flexible. HOWEVER, there will be many other single, eligible bachelors and bachelorettes there. So, coming solo could be a good thing for someone looking to meet (and date) new people.

For a 20s something bride, this is a great way to entice your single friends to come to your wedding alone.

6. Wedding Planning Tip: You Need to Stay on Budget

This cannot be emphasized enough. Some couples spend so much money on their weddings, that they completely forget about the marriage. Remember, you two newlyweds will be stuck paying all those vendor invoices and credit card bills later.

Starting a new life together with the love of your life as a 20s something bride can be stressful enough. Don’t start your marriage in debt. This could lead to extra stress for you and your new husband fairly quickly.

Just be prepared to make some compromises when it comes to those expensive things you’ve always dreamed of for your wedding. That way, there’s money available at the end of the day to support the growth of the marriage.

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