Being a Stylish Lady Is Always Trendy… 5 Tips to Make It Happen

Stylish Lady - Street Fashion Fashionista

Have you ever wondered how some women manage to look so chic every day?  You must be thinking that a stylish lady is wasting too much time on shopping, choosing what to wear and deciding on which makeup and hairstyle are perfect for them.

5 Tips for Being a Trendy, Stylish Lady

However, this isn’t necessarily true, especially when a woman discovers a few simple rules and tricks that can do wonders for her style and make her look absolutely stunning. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Stylish Lady - Street Fashion Fashionista
Stylish Lady – Street Fashion Fashionista. Image Source: Flickr

1. Keep Social Situations in Mind

The first rule that every woman should know is that outfits should be responses to social situations. It’s perfectly fine that you have your own style, however, different social occasions have certain requirements regarding how one should dress for them.

For example, by wearing an overly sexy mini-skirt at your workplace can send wrong signals and make people believe that you’re unprofessional or even incompetent. On the other hand, a nice blazer and an elegant pencil skirt will communicate a totally different message.

Finally, if you don’t feel comfortable and confident when choosing what to wear, don’t shy away from getting inspiration from other stylish women. Take a look at what they’re wearing and incorporate some of the ideas into your own style.

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2. Glasses – Your Signature Style

Another crucial thing is to have your signature style which will make you stand out from the crowd and define your image. This can be literally anything, from an accessory to colorful shoes, but our favorite would certainly be a pair of chic glasses.

Check out these chic pearl glasses.
Check out these chic pearl glasses. Image Source: Pinterest

You can always take a look at some stylish glasses frames and find those which suit your face shape best. We guarantee you that this small detail will make a huge change and help you look your best.

3. Wearing Jewelry Is a Must

You simply can’t consider yourself to be a stylish lady unless you’re wearing jewelry. You’ll be surprised to see how a classy pearl necklace can add a whole new dimension to your look and give your outfit that final touch.

Additionally, a colorful scarf will make your combination look livelier and more sophisticated.

Drop pearl necklace pendant by The Pearl Source. Mika Larson Photography
Drop pearl necklace pendant by The Pearl Source. Mika Larson Photography

Finally, keep in mind that quite often less is more. So, instead of overcrowding your look with too many pieces of jewelry, choose one or two that will be memorable and therefore much more effective.

4. Own That One Conversation Piece

You have learned the ropes so far and now you know how to look stylish every day. Good for you! However, from time to time when there is a special occasion you need that extra flair that will help you sweep everybody off their feet.

Therefore, owning a conversation piece is simply a bare necessity. For example, keep a pair of architectural footwear always at hand and pull them out when you feel you need to create that wow effect.

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Or, if you’re into handbags, buy a chic designer one and keep it in good condition for these special occasions. Such small details are quite enough to make your look the talk of the town.

Mary Frances Unusual Purses - This Pearl Handbag Looks Amazing for a Stylish Lady
Mary Frances Unusual Purses – This Pearl Handbag Looks Amazing for a Stylish Lady. Image Source: Pinterest

5. Choose a Perfect Hairstyle & Take Good Care of Your Hair

Finally, once you’ve decided on what to wear, you have to make sure that you have a perfect hairstyle to accompany your stylish look. And, although we encourage you to follow the latest trends, you have to realize that only because something is fashionable it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will do you any good.

For example, short curly hair may be super trendy this season, however, if your face is round, such a hairstyle would make it look even rounder and that’s something you certainly want to avoid.

Once you found your perfect hairstyle, take good care of it and don’t let your hair look dry and lifeless. We advise you to go for some of the amazing hair masks that will nourish your hair and help it retain shine and softness.

This Wedding-Ready Pearl Headpiece can be worn even on a casual day.
This Wedding-Ready Pearl Headpiece can be worn even on a casual day. Image Source: Pinterest

As you can see, looking your best every day is not that hard after all. You just need to pay attention to stylish details and find the best way to incorporate them into your own outfit.

Finally, don’t shy away from experimenting a bit and finding your personal style. But, at the same time don’t forget to dress for the occasion as well.

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