How to ‘Green Up’ Your Everyday Beauty Routine

The Beauty Journey

As the awareness on environmental issues rises, along with the consciousness on the dangers certain cosmetics and skincare ingredients pose to the health of our skin, women are becoming increasingly drawn to the benefits of pure, natural organic products. They want to ‘green up’ their everyday beauty routines.

Green Up Your Beauty Routine

However, like with every other life change and every new beginning, the first steps are always the most difficult. No one ever said that change was easy, but that never stopped us from moving forward before.

So, in order to help you make good choices regarding your skincare and makeup, we’ve comprised a list of steps that will ensure your organic journey goes as smoothly and swimmingly as possible. They say every change is good and taking the green up route undoubtedly is.

Green Up: Take it one product at a time

Green Leaves

The sudden shift can be confusing for your skin, not to mention taxing for your wallet. So, instead of a clean sweep, take it one product at a time.

You can either spend the products you already have and once you’re all out, replace it with a new and organic one. You can also give a certain amount of products away.

This is a wonderful option when it comes to makeup, as items such as lipsticks and eye shadows take quite a long time to spend. Soon enough, you’ll realize that your bathroom cabinet has gone through a makeover.

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Green Up: Discovering the green world

Discovering the Green World

The same rule applies to introducing new products into your life – take it one product at a time and start with the basics. One of the most wonderful organic products comes from  the awesome Edible Beauty Australia  that offers a wide selection of edible skincare products that that are guaranteed to leave you with great-looking skin.

So, when you begin to discover the organic world, start with basic products such as moisturizer, cleanser and toner. Once you get the hang of things and learn to decode labels, you can continue to build your skincare arsenal knowing you have a solid foundation.

Green Up: Be patient

Skincare Cream
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One of the crucial pieces of information you have to be aware of is that nature works slowly. You might be disappointed at first, thinking that green beauty isn’t as efficient as you thought it would be.

What you have to know is that, when you come on board the organic train, you can’t expect to reach your destination overnight.

One of the biggest mistakes women make with cosmetics products is not giving them time and switching them way too fast. Yes, synthetic products might have had a quicker effect, but they were damaging your skin in the long run.

With organic, it’s the opposite scenario. You won’t get miracle results the next day, but once the benefits kick in and you realize how nourishing and safe these products are, you will never look back. So sit back, and let nature take its course.

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Green Up: Do your research

Hand Care Cream

Once you are ready to go from basics and expand your little skincare arsenal, one of the first things you need to do is research. A large number of cosmetics companies are advertised as eco-friendly, green and natural, but the one place that you can trust is PETA’s list of approved brands. Every single truly organic and cruelty brand is on this list, and it’s not limited to cosmetics.

On this list you will find a number of cleaning and common household products, so if you want to do more than greening up your skincare routine and make your home green as well, this list is a great place to start.

Green Up: Continuing the journey

The Beauty Journey

Once you’ve become proficient in decoding labels and building your small organic skincare empire, it’s time to move on to makeup.

There are amazing natural and organic makeup brands out there, such as ILIA Beauty, a brand that isn’t only committed to producing organic makeup but also environment-friendly packaging made out of recycled materials. RMS Beauty falls into this same category, along with other incredible brands like Alima Pure and Au Naturale.

A common misconception is that organic makeup isn’t as pigmented as ‘regular makeup.’ But these brands with their amazingly pigmented eye shadows, variety of nourishing lipsticks and full-coverage nourishing foundations are definitely here to shatter these misconceptions and prove the nay-sayers wrong.

Green Up: Finalizing the transformation

How to Use Pearl Powder
How to Use Pearl Powder. Image Source: Wawaza. Click here to read more.

Once you find yourself on this amazing journey, you won’t want to stop, and you shouldn’t. Going green with your skincare and makeup is just the beginning, and soon enough you will catch yourself looking for organic produce and discovering amazing healthy recipes.

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The holistic approach to skincare, as Miranda Kerr says is about beauty on the outside as well as from within. Take care of your body as well as you do of your skin, and in a matter of months you will feel like a new woman, reborn and ready to face any challenges that may come your way.

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