Why Pearls are the Must-Have Jewelry Item of 2017

Why Pearls are the Must-Have Jewelry Item of 2017.



Coming up on 2017, classic is making a comeback with the always beautiful Pearl. The timeless pearl will always remain in vogue; but today, it has its time in the spotlight. In 2017 the pearl will rule in all forms from the single strand in the styling of Grace Kelly to the massively layered volumes more attributable to Madonna.


Timeless Beauty and Beauty Through Time


“Fashions come and go, but style lasts forever” – Coco Chanel


With trends skipping in and out of fashion on a seasonal basis, the smart shopper and truly stylish woman knows to keep a few enduring pieces in her possession at all times. The classic pearl will always have a home in a well-dressed woman’s wardrobe, alongside its sartorial counterpart – the little black dress.


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Many style icons throughout time have synced their aesthetic to the iridescence of pearls. Coco Chanel was amongst the first to make the cultured pearl an everyday style statement in the 1920s with her belief that “a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls”. The branding as costume jewelry took the pearls from status symbol to style symbol and allowed for the well dressed woman to hold the panache of both.


katharine-hepburn-visforvintage-net lauren-bacall-visforvintage-net


Classic movie stars in the 1930s adopted the pearl trend, allowing today’s elegant woman to feel herself emulating the iconic beauty of Lauren Bacall and Katharine Hepburn amongst others. In the 1950s, Jackie Kennedy made pearls the face of the sophistication as she branded them part of her First Lady “uniform”, while Audrey Hepburn kept them youthful.


Continuing through the ‘60s, Elizabeth Taylor made sure that pearls remained highly covetable, while Princess Diana maintained their wholesomeness through the 1990s.




Today, these shimmery wonders are worn by many celebrities from Rihanna to Sarah Jessica Parker. They travel from the Red Carpet to pages of the “they go grocery shopping too” sections of magazines.


The story of the pearl has certainly endured and will continue to do so through modern women; both famous and everyday extraordinary women.



Effortless Style Statement


Pearls have earned their place in fashion history for much more than simply the glamorous women who wore them. These semi-precious stones carry with them an effortlessness that seamlessly jumps from outfit to outfit.


A pair of stud pearl earrings will go with anything from jeans and a white t-shirt to an elegant evening gown. A single strand of pearls will take a woman from the boardroom to the ballroom and always look right. In large volume or in a more playful arrangement, the pearls lend themselves nicely to costume jewelry applicable from high-end gala affairs to everyday streetwear. There are no limitations – only opportunities to wear them.


Perfectly round pearls in the classic mother of pearl coloration tend to yield the most elegance, while colourful picks or oblong shapes are considered to be funkier alternatives and lend themselves well to avant-garde styling.



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Trending on the Catwalks


The fashion week runways for Fall/Winter 2016/17 prominently featured the return of the pearl into high fashion mode. While unsurprisingly, pearls showed up on the Chanel catwalk, the delicate shimmery beads captivated audiences at the shows of many other top designers as well. The pearls were done differently by each designer, showcasing the versatility of these magnificent semi-precious stones.

chanel-2-vogue-com chanel-4-vogue-com


With Karl Lagerfeld reinventing Chanel for the 21st century fashionista, the pearls walked the Paris runway to offer a grown-up grunge aesthetic in contrast to the Renaissance Barbie clothing. Hefty long layered strands were classic Chanel, but the mismatched pearl sizes and mixed-in baubles set a new tone to the pearl trend for the notorious French fashion house.


gucci-vogue-com gucci-2-vogue-com


Gucci’s Alessandro Michele used the pearls unconventionally as points of interest on his runway. The eclectic closet collection had impactful details including waistlines cinched by pearls, sleeves lined by simple strands, gloves left with pearl knuckles and clunky neckpieces in pearls and other gems.



Dries Van Noten made the pearls a key player in the garments themselves with pearl-strung mesh overlays and pearl-stitched sweaters. For a quirkier take on the trend, this show even featured pearl prints on various pieces.

Other big names dipped into the pearly waters as well. Moschino placed a single delicate strand under heaps of chains for a grungier street look. Rag & Bone styled some sportswear with a single strand of medium-weight pearls at choker length. Jason Wu opted for a mixed media pearl necklace along with smaller format pearls in a drop earring and cross-hand ring.



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From varied style standpoints, major runways were all going iridescent for the upcoming season.


Affordable Elegance


Pearls made their way into costume jewelry commonplace for much more than just a supreme style benefit. Set against fine jewelry formed of silver, gold, platinum and decorated with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, pearls formed an equally desirable, yet affordable alternative. While the origins of pearls began with the rarity of a near-miracle found in nature, today the cultured pearl industry has lowered the costs to a rather reasonable price tag.


While much more economical than gemstones, pearls sit much higher than other semi-precious stones, such as amber or moonstone, in terms of the luxury they elicit. With an undeniable timelessness and favorability amongst the fashion greats, pearls are disrupting the old adage and proving that if diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend, then pearls claim the ranks for women.


The Perfect Gift


For all that makes pearls a perfect pick for any woman, the merits extend well beyond that for a present. Gifting an item of complete sophistication and astounding beauty delivers that same message of the soon-to-be wearer of the pearls.


For a friend, family member or significant other, pearls are an ideal pick. With a plethora of ways to dive into the trend, the style can be shared at mostly any budget. Try small stud earrings for a light hand into the world of pearls or a more extreme entry point with a large format bracelet. Single strand, double strand, triple… there’s no way to misstep in a style that asks the wearer to constantly reinvent their look using the most classic fashion ingredients there are.



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