Why Wearing Pearls is the Best

Pearls are believed to have been the all-time original, the very first, precious gems. In ancient times, they were valued for their unique qualities. Pearls are completely unlike other gems, to this day.

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Colored, black and white pearls now form the modern jeweler’s palette. The range of colors is truly exceptional, including gold, green, and many different hues. These pearls are combined with gold, diamonds, platinum, and many other gemstones.

Interestingly, pearls can also be used very effectively with other types of gems, notably opals, amber, and similar, also unique gems. The latest designs are combinations of color, talent, and creative inspiration.

…Which brings us to what’s so great about wearing pearls. Pearls are the ultimate go-anywhere jewels. The top fashion designers make a point of including pearls, much the same way as they use diamonds, as high-class fashion statements.

Pearls, like diamonds, really do go with everything. The range of colors is perfectly go with quite literally anything, and the neutral black and white pearls are “designer chic”, almost by definition, and absolutely reliable with any type of clothing.

Some of the latest pearl necklaces are a case in point – These necklaces are made of a combination of gems, gold, and pearls, a truly stunning range of top-quality jewelry. Design flexibility is another issue in terms of wearing pearls. The new pearl designs are much more adventurous.

Modern pearl earrings, for example, are now much more than the old “head phone chandeliers”. The new designs incorporate color, line, and shape to produce what is essentially new generation of earrings, based on pearls.

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The new “pearl revolution” in design has also occurred at exactly the same time that new fashions are coming on stream in the market. Don’t be too surprised to see a Twitter dress accessorized with pearl jewelry and other new types of personal decor, soon enough.

The really great thing about pearls is that they go with anybody’s sense of style. Pearls are light, easy to wear, and always look good. What’s not to like? If you’re looking for go-anywhere, do-anything jewelry, start with pearls.

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