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What’s the Right Pearl Size for Your Special Lady?

Last Updated on August 24, 2023 by Carla Jonas

Does the size of the pearls in pearl jewelry really make a difference? We hear this question all the time from our customers. Well, that depends on a few things. One main question is… Is the pearl’s size rare? Another question… What’s the right pearl size for you?

If you’re planning to buy pearls for a special lady (or girl) in your life, the size of the pearl counts. But, unlike diamonds, bigger is not always better with pearls. It’s also about the pearl color, pearl nacre, pearl luster and overall pearl grade.

Choosing the Right Pearl Size by Age Groups

When buying pearls for her, traditionally, certain sizes are more appropriate for certain age groups. But, one of the hottest fashion trends of today is being non-traditional.

Use this pearl sizing chart to help you pick out the right pearl size for your special someone.

Use this pearl sizing chart to help you pick out the right pearl size for your special someone.
Image Source: The Pearl Source

So, these “right pearl size” tips are just suggestions. You can look good in just about any size pearl, at just about any age, for pearl earrings, pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, pearl pendants and other pearl jewelry.

The Right Pearl Size for Tweens & Younger Teens

5.5 x 6mm Pearls – Traditionally, this is the appropriate size pearls for 12 to 16-year-old girls. This is because it’s quite small and dainty. Pearls of this size are also cool for very petite women or ladies who simply adore small gems. These size pearls make great gifts for young teens for birthdays, Christmas, academic achievements and coming-of-age celebrations, like bat mitzvahs, confirmations, sweet 16 parties and quinceanera celebrations.

The Right Pearl Size for Older Teens and Younger Ladies

6 X 6.5mm – This is the traditionally appropriate size for young ladies between the ages of 16 to 24. These pearls are still small enough for a younger aged lady. Yet, they are large enough for an older teen, getting up there in height.

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The Right Pearl Size for the Late 20s Woman

6.5 X 7mm – Pearls of this size have always been the “right” size for women between 25 to 30 years of age. They are larger than those for girls and teens. However, they are still small enough for the younger lady who prefers simpler pearl jewelry.

The Right Pearl Sizes for the 30s Woman

7 X 7.5mm – Generally, women over 30 wear these size pearls. It’s a great size for a young woman looking for a starter pearl necklace. They make you look professional. So, they’re just right for job interviews and as business attire accessories. They make any career woman carry an air of importance.

The Right Pearl Size for the Women 35 and Up

8 X 8.5mm – For women 35 years and older, this is the appropriate traditional size pearl. When crossing over to the rarer, larger harvests, this is the first size in the category. Any pearl size larger than this needs to remain in the oyster much larger. So, this size is more economical for the late 30s woman. It screams success and can be worn at every occasion from black tie events to summer bar-b-ques.

The Right Pearl Size for Women 37 to 45 Years Old

8.5 X 9mm – Generally, this size pearl is for women between their late 30s to mid-40s. It’s also a popular pearl size for all successful women in their 30s. Known to experts as the “Porsche of pearls” and the “Rolex Daytona of pearls,” pearl necklaces created with this size gems are classy, elegant and chic. They are very sustainable, and some of the hardest to find on the market. If you want to project, stability, strength, and power, these pearls work in the corporate world, as evening wear pieces and accessories for black tie events.

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The Right Pearl Sizes for Women Over 45

9 X 9.5mm – Women 45 years and over enjoy these sizes as the “Ferrari of pearls.” Also known as the “CEO’s strand,” these extremely rare and regal gemstones are for the refined woman. This is the second rarest sized pearl, which brings style and hipness to any attire. Pearl jewelry created with these gems are perfect for upper management and executive women who want to add some kick to their styles.

9.5 X 10mm – Ladies over 45 also like these pearl sizes, known as the “Lamborghini of pearls.” These majestic gems are fit for a queen. This is the rarest pearl size of all and is almost impossible to find on the market. If large gems are your thing, look for Japanese cultured pearls of this size. Buy her pearls this big, and your gift is guaranteed to be a grand slam on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or your wedding anniversary.

Multiple Strands of Pearls in Various Sizes

Multiple Strands of Pearls in Various Sizes
Image Source: Flickr

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