Changes in personal style, coupled with swaying public opinion on mining practices, have led to a reduced popularity for the diamond engagement ring. This has made way for other gemstones – including the pearl – to take center stage.

A pearl’s lustre, or amount of light reflected from its surface, can truly bring out the best in your skin tone. And while pearls are often thought of as white, a variety of colors of pearls exist – choose one to match your personal preference. The bottom line is that you should simply find a pearl which you find beautiful and which makes your skin look its best.

Another important point is how to care for your pearl engagement ring. While the fact that a pearl is different from a diamond may be part of its appeal, it is also why a pearl engagement ring must be handled with care. Compared with a diamond, a pearl is relatively soft. That means that it is easier to damage than a diamond. Therefore, for a piece that is going to be worn frequently, special care must be taken in order to ensure the longevity of the ring.

First, look for a setting where the pearl is surrounded by a bed of diamonds or other gems in order to give your pearl some cushion. Next, keep your pearl in mind during everyday activities. Pearls are sensitive to chemicals in many household cleaners, so remove your ring before engaging in household cleaning. You should also remove your ring before taking a shower or preparing food. Clean your ring professionally, or use only mild soapy water and a soft cloth.


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