How to Clean a Pearl Necklace

When one hears the word “pearls” a vision of the classic flagship of pearl jewelry comes to mind, the pearl necklace. Worn by celebrities and princesses from across the globe, this iconic piece of pearl jewelry has become a staple that every woman should possess and know how to care for. The classic pearl necklace passed down from generation to generation, worn on wedding days and gifted for the most special occasions must be preserved accordingly. As a possession that you will treasure for a lifetime, we recommend that you follow our instructions for care to preserve the luster and quality of your beautiful pearls. Like any object of value, pearls need to be cared for to maintain their beauty. While not high maintenance in general, there are certain rules to follow to keep you pearls stunning.

Pearls should not come in contact with fragrances of alcohols:

That means you should apply all creams, lotions, makeup and perfumes BEFORE putting your pearl jewelry on. The chemicals in such items may discolor your pearls and damage the pearls natural luster causing them to look dull and lifeless.

Keep them away from water:

Pearls should not be worn in the pool, ocean, shower or while doing dishes. The heat and steam can melt the glue holding the pearls in place caused them to become loose or dislodged entirely so be sure to remove all pearl jewelry BEFORE going in the water. The chlorine in pools, salt in the ocean and chemicals in soaps can dull the surface of your pearls.

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No Direct Sunlight:

Sunlight associated with regular wear is fine but do not leave your pearls in the sun for extended periods of time. For example they should not be left by an open sunny window or while tanning.

Store your pearls properly:

Keep your pearl jewelry in a pouch, plastic bag or a separate compartment within a jewelry box for safe keeping. To prevent your pearls from getting scratched, we recommend storing them separately from metal and diamond jewelry. Be sure not to store them when wet.

Cleaning Your Pearls:

Your pearls can be polished with a clean cloth that is either dry or slightly damp. Never use any harsh cleaners or solvents. Stay far away from products containing ammonia or other harsh detergents. NEVER clean in an ultrasonic cleanser. If your pearls are really dirty, you can clean them with a mild soap and water mixture and a soft cloth. Be sure never to use an abrasive cloth on your pearls. If you make that mistake you will rub off the surface of your pearls, leaving you with plain old beads. You can clean your pearls safely by purchasing a polishing cloth and pearl cleaner from Town Talk Polish Co Ltd., a lovely British company that has been in business since 1895, so you can assume they know what they are doing! Always be sure so allow your pearl jewelry to air dry before storing.


Depending on frequency of use, it is recommended that you have your pearl necklaces restrung approximately every 5 years.

Just remember that with a small amount of effort your pearls will remain as stunning as the day you bought them and be there to add beauty to your look each and every day. Make sure to follow these simple rules to insure that your pearls look their best for years to come!

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