Millennials & Pearls in 2018: The Gems of the New Generation

Long Strand of White Cultured Pearls. Image by Mika Larson Photography.

Between the amazing style of Jackie Kennedy and the allure of Audrey Hepburn, pearls were once the air of sophistication. But today, these precious gems are being repurposed by jewelry and fashion designers alike to attract a new generation of fashionistas. From jeans to biker boots, from headbands to formal gowns, pearls are the gems of the new generation!

Long Strand of White Cultured Pearls. Image by Mika Larson Photography.
Long Strand of White Cultured Pearls. Image by Mika Larson Photography.

The Reputation of Pearls Over the Years

Are They Quickly Becoming the Gems of the New Generation?

In the past, pearls had their own reputation. They were the epitome of traditional, conservative lifestyles. But, the fashion and jewelry designers of today are actively changing the image of the pearl to make the gem the image of toughness. They have a vision for the future of pearls, especially when it comes to millennials:

“…for all the coolest girls to be wearing these silky smooth, wonderfully white adornments by this autumn.”

In recent decades, a strand of real white cultured pearls has become symbolic of a young lady’s “right to passage into womanhood.” These ladies were brought up well. And, it showed in feature pieces such as Britain’s Country Life magazine’s “120 Years of Girls in Pearls.” It seems that these days, they are now the gems of the new generation.

Man Wearing Leather & Pearl Necklace
Man Wearing Leather & Pearl Necklace

These quality gems have been symbols of many things over the years. They have symbolized virginity and innocence. They’ve been symbolic of royalty and power. They’ve even been associated with excess and undying love. Throughout history, both men and women adored and wore pearl jewelry.

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Celebrities and the History of Pearls

Some of the most iconic men and women throughout history have worn pearls, making them popular throughout time. These are just some of the millennials, stars and celebrities spotted wearing pearl clothing, jewelry and gear over the past couple of years:

Straight Out of Compton's Michel'le Accepts Her Gracie Award Wearing a Black Dress Embellished with White Pearls
Straight Out of Compton’s Michel’le Accepts Her Gracie Award Wearing a Black Dress Embellished with White Pearls

The Motivation Behind New Generation Pearl Fashions

According to history, Queen Cleopatra wanted to show Mark Antony just how wealthy and powerful she was at the time. So, she placed one very large pearl earring in a goblet filled with wine vinegar, where it was melted down. She then drank the concoction, pearl and all, right in front of Antony.

And, it’s that same style of mockery that’s moving today’s fashion and jewelry designers to use these lustrous gems in creative ways. They are using its symbolism of purity, and slightly mocking it to create customized styles and fashionable pieces embellished with pearls… from pearl headbands to pearl embroidered stilettos.

Pearls are the gems of the new generation: Lady Gaga Wears Strands of Pearls... ON HER FACE!
Lady Gaga Wears Strands of Pearls… ON HER FACE! Image Source: Just Jared

The legacy of pearls is not just limited to real pearls. From cultured pearls to faux pearls, these gems add pizzazz to any look, taking your fashion style up a notch.

Even a non-conformist like Lady Gaga, with one of the most unique styles on the planet, loves her fine Mikimoto strands of pearls… even if she prefers wearing them on her face than around her neck.

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Ready to become a fashion icon in your own right? Do you believe pearls are the gems of the new generation?

Then, step into the world of pearl jewelry and change the way you see fashion accessories. Shop for real pearl earrings and other pearl jewelry from The Pearl Source today.

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