Juliet Caps: What are they?

Juliet caps are close-fitting headpieces worn around the skull. They have also been referred to as Juliette caps, ladies’ skullcaps, or Capulet caps or hats. This accessory generally is thought of as semiformal wear or bridal wear.

As worn by a bride, the caps typically are made from pearl-colored or white materials, so as to compliment the dress. This type of a pattern oftentimes involves the use of beads, pearls, lace, floral designs, feathers, crystals, or embroidered cloth. Caps might fully envelop the head’s crown, and they might be dome-shaped or cylindrical. A few Juliet caps are even completely prepared out of non-fabric material. For instance, beads might be strung together within a tent-like pattern then draped over the head’s crown, resting upon the forehead, too.

In modern-day times, the addition of the Juliet cap to a woman’s bridal arrangement is thought of as unusual. The Juliet cap, historically, isn’t mentioned in semiformal or bridal wear as frequently as additional popular headpieces, like the headband or tiara. Though, in the 21st century, skullcaps have made their comeback within the form of crocheted winter and autumn caps which sit on top of an individual’s head, as a ladies’ skullcap might.

Rather than wearing a veil, tiara, or shimmery clip, the bride might opt to wear a special headpiece, like an embroidered skullcap. The bride also may want to integrate a Juliet cap with a traditional veil by connecting a veil to the cap itself, permitting a veil to fall over the face, behind the head, or both. As these brimless caps typically are centered at the head’s crown, variations involve somewhat tipping the cap backward or forward.

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