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Pets and Pearls: Pearl Sunglasses for Dogs

Puppies! You just gotta love ‘em! Unless you are Cruella da Vil, who could find pleasure in bringing pain and misery to these innocent, loyal and loving creatures? For pet lovers, your heart is bound to melt at the site of them. National Puppy Day is a special day created specifically for celebrating the lives of these furry friends. This year, it’s all about Pets and Pearls. And, we have some ideas to make your pet look both trendy and stylish.

Floral Dogs Collar Pearl Necklace
Floral Dogs Collar Pearl Necklace. Image Source: Ali Express

All Pets Deserve Happy Lives

Sadly, these said creatures are oftentimes subjected to cruel and undesirable conditions. These circumstances leave them living in circumstances that are less than desirable, even for dogs.

Such conditions include:

  • Hunger
  • Starvation
  • Homelessness
  • Physical abuse

…as well as many other ills that are among many issues that jeopardize their chances at living the meaningful, happy lives that they are meant to lead by pets.

National Puppy Day – March 23, 2018

National Puppy Day is a special day designated to celebrating the lives of puppies. To be celebrated on March 23rd of this year, it is commemorated as the day when these cute little cuddle buddies are recognized for the joy and happiness that they contribute to the lives of their human families.

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Celebrate National Puppy Day with Puppies
Celebrate National Puppy Day with Puppies. Image Source: Your Daily Dish

This day is also acknowledged in recognition of the thousands of orphaned puppies throughout the world, as well as to enlighten people of the various unfortunate situations that befall them. These include:

  • The inhumane act of mass breeding of puppies for commercial purposes (read more about puppy farms and puppy mills)
  • Physical abuse and just about any other disadvantageous situation that does not add value to a puppy’s existence

It is therefore a day that people worldwide are being encouraged to prevent and/or put an end to animal cruelty as well as to encourage animal rescue, providing more suitable living situations for our puppies.

Pets and Pearls for Nation Puppy Day

In light of National Puppy Day, pet parents can lovingly shower their animal children with pearls to express their love and appreciation. Yes, pets and pearls!

Pearl-Embellished Dog Hair Clips
Pearl-Embellished Dog Hair Clips. Image Source: Cat And Dog Clothes

But, why pearls for pets?

Well… pearls are the new diamonds and dogs are a man’s best friend.

If these two are true (X+Y), then it’s only right that you shower your best friend with pearls (X+Y=Z), right? Simple algebra (or not so simple for those of us with a natural aversion math)!

Jokes aside, puppies are already the cutest little furry friends to walk this earth. Why not enhance their beauty by throwing in these timeless gemstones to add glamour and flare on this day and beyond?

Fashionable Ideas for Pets and Pearls

Check out the different ways your furry children can step out in pearlish style on March 23rd for National Puppy Day:

Pearl Dog Collar

Pets and Pearls: Pearl Dog Collar
Pets and Pearls: Pearl Dog Collar. Image Source: Pinterest

This beautiful pearl-embellished dog collar does not only make the statement that your pup is owned and cared for by her family, but also that she is a diva! Allow her to don this stunning piece as you take her for a stroll through the park and interact with her siblings and friends.

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Be on the lookout though. This pearl dog collar is so cute, another pet owner might just steal it! But then again, who could blame them?

Pearl Dog Costume

Pets and Pearls: Pearl Tutu Dog Costume
Pets and Pearls: Pearl Tutu Dog Costume. Image Source: Chihuahua Kingdom

So what if you decided to tie the knot with your significant other on National Puppy Day? Let your puppy celebrate with as you march down the aisle, flaunting your beautiful, white gown…  and your little fashionista strolling with you, wearing her own gown, bedazzles pet pearls.

Double the celebration, yippee!!! Not only will you be known as the beautiful bride, but you’ll definitely be the trendsetter that your wedding guests will talk about for years to come.

Pearl Accessories for Pets

Pets and Pearls: Pearl Sunglasses for Dogs
Pets and Pearls: Pearl Sunglasses for Dogs. Image Source: Luxury Spot

Your little one may be small in stature, but doesn’t have to be mediocre in style. These pearl-studded pet shades are ideal for sporting on a sunny day outside. And if you are up for some shenanigans, you could match your pet by wearing matching sun glasses!

National Puppy Day is just around the corner. How do you plan on celebrating with your puppy? How will you adorn you gems (pun intended) in these classical stones? What about giving your pet some pearls?!!!

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